Art or Just Freaky? Black Man Wears Naked White Women as ‘Trophy Scarves’

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  • Who wears naked white girls as art?

    If you think the question is weird, here’s the answer: It’s a black man named Nate Hill, a performance artist from Brooklyn, New York.

    So you’re probably asking: “What the hell?”

    Well, we are, too.

    But it’s true. Hill, 36, has created a controversial project he calls “Trophy Scarves,” where he drapes naked white women over his shoulders and photographs his “scarves” for his emerging following.

    Hill explains that his “Trophy Scarves” project is a satire on interracial dating.

    “There are people who see certain races as status symbols, and someone had to comment on that,” Hill to Vice.

    So is Hill’s work a serious creative commentary on race relations in America, or a thinly-veiled attempt to press-up on white girls?

    We’re still not totally clear about how draping naked white women over a black man’s shoulders is a keen observation about interracial dating. It sounds like Hill is getting his freak on and playing it off as art.

    And it seems to be working: Hill’s work has become so popular that white women actually ask Hill to come to their homes so they can be used as “Trophy Scarves” and participate in his art project.

    Did I mention that Hill is married?

    Oh, yeah. Is she falling for the okie-doke? Here’s what Hill told Vice when asked about The Mrs.:

    How does your wife respond to your art?

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