Zimmerman’s Attorneys Hit Him With $2.5 Mil Bill

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West and O’Mara also formed a private partnership, Timber Run Enterprises LLC, and bought the building next door to O’Mara’s Concord Street office in downtown Orlando. That building, like O’Mara’s office, is a former single-family home for which the lawyers paid $270,000.

[Zimmerman] contributors gave more than $400,000 to his legal-defense fund, money that went toward case expenses and supporting Zimmerman and his wife — not paying O’Mara and West for the hours they were working.

O’Mara charges $400 an hour, West $350 an hour, rates that area attorneys describe as reasonable, given their years of experience and skill.

Though Orlando criminal-defense attorney Richard Hornsby said $2.5 million in legal fees is “mind-numbing,” NewsOne contributor, Attorney and Legal Analyst Eric L. Guster believes the bill is appropriate:

“I totally understand why the bill is so expensive. Being that this was a high profile case, they had to totally shut down their law practices in order to defend Zimmerman. They had a full team of investigators, lawyers and paralegals working on his case around the clock.

“With Zimmerman having potential book deals, NRA endorsement, websites raising money for him among other things, he can afford to pay something, for sure.

“Freedom ain’t free; it costs money.”

Wherever one falls on the issue, one thing is clear: To the Sanford Police Department and a jury of 6 women — 5 of them White — Trayvon’s life wasn’t worth one day in jail. But to O’Mara and West, Zimmerman’s freedom is allegedly worth $2.5 million.

That’s American justice math.

Read more at The Orlando Sentinel.

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One thought on “Zimmerman’s Attorneys Hit Him With $2.5 Mil Bill

  1. It was worth at least 1 mil. To watch West systematically destroy witness #8, yup you guessed it, the shigiddy azz fool we know and love as Rachael Jeantel.

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