Zimmerman’s Attorneys Hit Him With $2.5 Mil Bill

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  • If attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West have anything to say about it, getting away with the murder of Trayvon Martin is going to cost George Zimmerman $2.5 million.

    And to paraphrase a JG Wentworth commercial: It’s their blood money and they want it now.

    Zimmerman was acquitted on all charges in Martin’s shooting death, even though he got out of his vehicle,  followed and ultimately shot the unarmed teen through the heart after a scuffle on Feb. 26, 2012.

    O’Mara and West took on the case in April 2012 — after Zimmerman’s first legal team quit — and each attorney has billed Zimmerman about 3,000 hours.

    See how it all adds up via The Orlando Sentinel:

    O’Mara took on the case in April 2012, saying he would represent Zimmerman at no charge. Then he discovered that Zimmerman and his family were raising funds via a website and that money was pouring in, at least initially.

    Throughout the case, even after the trial, O’Mara said he and West had not been paid a dime, although they hoped to be someday.

    In an interview this week, O’Mara said Zimmerman paid them “a minute amount” after the trial.

    O’Mara is still hopeful, he said, that there might someday be money he and West can collect.

    In truth, they have already benefited financially from Zimmerman’s legal-defense fund. Several months ago, O’Mara reported spending $52,550 on “law firm support and infrastructure.”

    O’Mara and his spokesman never provided a detailed accounting as to what that included, but they said it was such things as more computers, upgraded software, new phones and improved office security.

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