Black Customers Say Retailer Refused To Take Their Cash

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  • Damon and David Harvey , two cousins, went into a Buy Buy Baby retail store in Garden City, N.Y., to purchase some big-ticket items for a relative’s baby shower.

    When a cashier totaled up their purchases, which came to $1,173, their money was allegedly refused and deemed counterfeit. Now the men have reported their experience to the Division of Human Rights (DHR), who will argue their case of alleged discrimination before a judge, according to NBC New York.

    Damon and David went to the all-things-baby mecca to buy a crib, stroller and car seat for their cousin’s baby girl.When David and Damon approached the register and the amount for their items totaled over $1,100, they decided to pay with cash. Upon handing over the mostly $100 bills to the cashier, she examined them and informed the men that larger denominations have to be inspected by her supervisor.

    When the cashier returned to her station, she allegedly told Damon and David that she could not accept their money and asked for another form of payment.

    The duo also allege that the cashier and store manager accused them of using counterfeit money to pay for the items. The store manager reportedly told them that their money was “not real” and “didn’t meet certain requirements.” The unnamed supervisor then threatened to call police on David and Damon, who refused to budge from their spot and even welcomed the idea of summoning them.

    When police arrived at the store and reviewed the men’s money, they surmised that the cash was valid. However, after the officers left, the supervisor still would not allow the men to purchase the items they had selected.

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