White House Releases Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Report

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According to an earlier Pew Research study, the disparities apparent between race and gender regarding SNAP are telling: Women have used SNAP benefits twice as much as men at 23 versus 12 percent comparatively. Blacks outnumbered Whites and Hispanics in using the benefits, sitting at 31 percent. Hispanics reported in at 22 percent, with Whites claiming 15 percent of that number. Another telling number is that four-in-10 Black women say that have used SNAP, almost twice as much as Black men.

Legislation passed by Republicans in the House of Representatives would be a massive threat to SNAP, says the report. Nearly 4 million Americans would lose benefits next year and over 210,000 students would be ousted from free lunch programs, which is one of the most-significant benefits for the poor in regards to education.

Read the White House SNAP benefits report in full here.

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