SMH! School Forces Black Girl To Cut Her Beautiful Natural Hair [PHOTO]

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When are we going to stop devaluing our little Black girls. They start school, often tugging at their short ponytails, wishing they were loose and silky locks. I know I did. I hated my natural, breaking-the-comb, always greasy hair growing up. However, my school never made it a policy to discriminate against my wooly hair, nor did they ever make me feel ashamed for having textured hair.

The natural movement has taken over and brought along with it a sense of pride that’s spreading to a younger generation, allowing girls like Vanessa and Tiana to love the unique hair that’s naturally growing from their scalps. But then you have schools that are able to create policies, calling their tresses a distraction, which basically challenges everything that these young girls develop the courage and wisdom to love about themselves. Schools are supposed to educate, not discriminate.

When and where will it end?


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