Knockout Game Advice: ‘Cross Street if You See Group of Black Youths’

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  • The so-called “Knockout Game” has been gathering steam as a news narrative, with conservatives demanding that the media finally focus on crimes committed by black people, notes the blog Mediate.

    On Monday morning’s edition of CNN’s “New Day,” expert guest Harry Houck, a former NYPD detective, went there, explaining to the “New Day” anchor team that while “not every black kid is doing this,” the only suggestion he could offer to avoid such attacks was “crossing the street, getting away from them” if you see “a group of black youths.”

    Anchor Kate Bolduan asked Harry Houck for his take on the phenomenon. “Is this a growing trend?” she asked. “Is this an urban myth, or maybe better stated as growing trend or group of isolated incidents?”

    Houck replied that the trend is real, adding that “Urban myths don’t exist. These attacks exist in everyone’s minds, especially in those victims.”

    That’s when the familiar language of race-baiting began, according to Mediate. Asked if the media was contributing to the problem by hyping the attacks, Houck replied, “I think we have to let the public know what’s going on to protect ourselves. That’s our job. That’s the police department’s job to protect the public. No matter how politically incorrect it might be. It’s to know what is going on and how to protect themselves.”

    This is where the hustler hides the red card, because when co-host Chris Cuomo asks Houck to explain his remark about “political correctness” (insulating himself and his show from criticism), Houck lays his suggestion off on other people. “I ask people who I run into every day, ‘What are you doing?’ They say if they see a group of black youths, they cross the street.”

    Co-host Michaela Pereira pushed back, telling Houck that “black kids don’t need to be made to feel they’re a threat simply because they are hanging out with friends.”

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