Is D.L. Hughley Guilty Of Making Racist Comments? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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  • D.L. Hughley isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and one caller took exception to his support of Oprah Winfrey‘s comments suggesting that racism will subside as old racists die. Listen to this caller express her disdain for D.L.’s comments in the audio player, and read the full conversation in the transcript below.

    M: Hey Cheryl, how are you?

    F: Well, I was fine, the, uh … I’m a little disappointed in you.

    M: Oh, don’t worry. There’s plenty of, the day’s young, I’ll disappoint a lot of people, but what are you disappointed about this time?

    F: Well, you know, I liked you as a comedian, but you’re not being very funny the last couple of days.

    M: Okay.

    F: You know, yesterday you made comments agreeing with Oprah that racist people needed to die in order for racism to stop.

    M: I believe that’s true.

    F: Well, you know, I think you were being a little racist today yourself.

    M: And eventually one day I’ll be out of here, but what is it, what did you think that I said that was particularly egregious to you?

    F: Well, you were talking about them trying to propose a bill to castrate men that were raping girls younger than 12 and you were going on about this, and you said you did not trust our legal system because …

    M: I do not.

    F: … because it was a bunch of white men making the decisions.

    M: I don’t know that I said that, I don’t know that I said that.

    F: You don’t know that you said that? I heard it on the radio, I wasn’t hearing things.

    M: I don’t – okay, let me be clear so we can understand what I am saying. I do not trust the judicial system. I think the judicial system …

    F: Well, I don’t trust the judicial system either, black or white.

    M: The annals of the judicial system …

    F: You didn’t say you didn’t trust the judicial system, you said you didn’t trust the white men making decisions on this.

    M: Then that would probably be accurate.

    F: You said it’s a bunch of white men.

    M: That would probably be accurate, because I’m telling you that most of the people who are the judges, the prosecutors, the police, what are they?

    F: You don’t think there’s any black men in there?

    M: No, I said, what are they primarily?

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