Chris Brown’s Mom Is Not Alone

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But if we think that what’s happened to him is an anomaly, it isn’t.

Whether you’re visiting an alternative school or detention hall, a juvenile facility or a maximum-security prison, it will most likely be disproportionately filled with African American boys, teens or men.  Not all, but most are victims of circumstances that unfairly placed them in situations where the odds were against them from the start.

If you can read this and think to yourself how blessed you are that you are raising a boy or boys in a loving, supportive environment with positive male role models, where spiritual and moral values are embraced and education and a strong work ethic are being instilled, don’t pat yourself on the back.  Be thankful, but always recognize that your boys and men will have to face a world filled with males who have gotten none of those good things.   And to be honest, I’m not sure to how to get mine ready for that world.   Are you?

All I know is this Tweet from Chris Brown’s mom should have us praying for her and the parents of every black boy, including the couple who just didn’t have the strength to continue to raise the child they’ve had since he was infant:

“My angel with broken wings, God love(s)you so much and I do as well.”

This Thanksgiving if you can expose a child to life better than the one he or she is used to, that’s a good start.   If you’re a mentor or have benefited from one, please share your story.

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