Palin’s PAC Asks About Bashir Action

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin‘s political action committee has asked NBC News whether commentator Martin Bashir will be disciplined for comments about the former Alaska governor that the PAC called appalling.

    Bashir apologized Monday for suggesting that Palin be punished for a remark she made about slavery by having someone defecate in her mouth. He made the commentary on his MSNBC show on Friday afternoon.

    Tim Crawford, treasurer of Palin’s PAC, said in a letter to NBC News President Deborah Turness and MSNBC chief Phil Griffin that “Americans deserve to know that your network doesn’t condone violent and hateful rhetoric.”

    NBC News and MSNBC representatives did not have any immediate answers about Bashir’s status on Wednesday.

    Bashir had attacked Palin and her “long-diseased mind” after playing video of a speech where she compared the United States’ potential indebtedness to China to slavery. He told the story of Thomas Thistlewood, a former overseer at a plantation who described in diaries how he dealt with wayward slaves by, in one case, having another slave defecate in the mouth of the miscreant. In another case, someone urinated in the face of a slave being punished.

    Bashir said that when Palin talks about slavery, she’s a candidate for the same punishment.

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    5 thoughts on “Palin’s PAC Asks About Bashir Action

    1. Stop whinning! This cross eyed woman needs to get a life! She’s a thug, a loud mouth bully, and have called President Obama every bad name under the sun. You never acknowledged him as POTUS, let alone acknowledging him as a very educated man or a human being. Martin Bashir apologized because he’s a journalist not because he wanted to do it. Those people are wicked hypocrites and their mindset is like slave owners! Yes I said it. She’s a nobody, who’s hateful and spews venom. Please stop talking about her and she will go away!

    2. All of this, while Palin & Co. use the most vil, racist language one can possible imagine.
      That is lauhable, exepct for the fct of how tragic it is. Contrary to populsr belife, whiye women are just as racist as whie men. While MLK and the freedom marchers were crossing over the Edmond Pattis Bridge, Yes the police and white men were physically beating them But what neeeds to be known is tht the white women were all along the perimiter and on th sidewalks cheering the on. the only thing missing was pom poms in their hands. Instead the used confedrat flags.

    3. BAH! WAH! As much rhetoric that palin puts out about any & everyone-she has a lot of nerve. If you can’t “stand the heat”-keep your thoughts about other people to yourself & stay out of other people’s “kitchen”-HATER! Hey sara-did you like what glenn rice said about you?

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