AM BUZZ: Porsha A Hoodrat?; Drake Moves On To Zoe Kravitz & More…

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WTF?! Armani Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Alfre Woodard & Idris Elba


Thank goodness for the quick hands of Akoto Ofori-Atta of The Root! She posted a screen cap of a photo from Armani’s Instagram account that the clothing company had captioned “Idris Elba poses in a gorgeous Giorgio @armani dress at the 5th Annual Governors Awards.”

Wait! Idris in a dress?! Say it ain’t so! Oh good, it ain’t. The person in the photo was actually Alfre Woodard. Armani received a plethora of disdainful comments from their followers, some calling out Armani for thinking all Black people look alike and others laughing it off as if Idris was a crossdresser. Armani has since corrected the faux pas, but not before Black Twitter created a hashtag to ridicule the fashion giant, #ArmaniCaptions. Check out some of the most hilarious posts from the hashtag!

Former Destiny’s Child cheerleader Michelle Williams debuts new look… #ArmaniCaptions

Mariah Carey looks stunning for her age… #ArmaniCaptions

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4 thoughts on “AM BUZZ: Porsha A Hoodrat?; Drake Moves On To Zoe Kravitz & More…

  1. Appearently she was a undercover hoodrat before he married her and the real hoodrat came to surface. She was just another cute young hoodrat that dressed nice at Kordell’s expens. I knew she was a weave wearing hoodrat, loud mouth, like to gossip, like to start s_it. Kordell is right she is a hoodrat.

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