According to Yahoo! Sports Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been well known for being many things…make that many…many….many things!  However being super generous has not been one of those things that he has been well known for…well until now!

Bryant reportedly walked into a Dallas-area Walmart Thursday night for the Playstation 4 midnight release and did something really cool: He bought all five people in line at the store (and himself) a brand-new PS4.

The retail price for the new Playstation 4 is a whopping $399 a pop so it’s a very kind gesture indeed!

The best part of it, apparently, is that Bryant didn’t make a big deal out of it. Just wanted to do something nice for a few lucky souls.

Social media went banoodles about it as word spread!

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Now everyone should be able to set all NFL politics aside and admit that this was a wonderful thing to do. We hope there are some other stars out here that will follow this example as well. As the end of the month approaches and the holiday season begins, there are sure to be many parents who could truly use that type of gesture for their little ones. Salute to you Dez Bryant…that was a classy thing to do sir!


2 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant Buys PS4′s For EVERYONE In Line At Walmart

  1. Black Moses73 on said:

    Wake up people.We wonder why our women emasculate us and the man dehumanize us.You say god is good because someone bought you another excuse for you not to get off of the couch.All the places he could have gone to help someone he chose a line in walmart..All the people he could have took a picture with he chose a black man.Now what does that say about us..Use a black to push products containing no future on other blacks because we would rather look good with high price materials than uplift our culture.Wake Up

  2. How about a donation to a school or charity that would do something useful for our youth, not learning how to become a virtual thug via PS4

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