4 Tips For Entrepreneurs From A Homeless Man Turned Billionaire

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  • Many entrepreneurs fund their passions, products and ideas for self-made businesses on a wing and a prayer. Though lack of funds may cause many to avoid stepping out on their own to succeed as an entrepreneur, there are several stories of those who overcame the odds to build multi-billion dollar products and brands.

    As shared on Forbes.com, John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of Paul Mitchell and Patron Spirits, was once homeless and living out of his car before pooling together $700 to start Paul Mitchell. Based upon his experiences from being homeless to now being a billionaire, he offers the following four secrets for entrepreneurs to build world class brands from the ground up.


    1. Create the best product you can and know it’s the best product.

    “Believe in yourself and know you have a great service and a great product that will put you in the reorder business… You’re never selling–you’re trying to get it into someone’s hands, whether it’s a service or a product–knowing it’s so darn good they’ll want to order it again or tell a friend about it.”


    2. Stick to your vision and be ready for rejection.

    “You’re going to run across a lot of rejection. Be prepared for the rejection. No matter how bad it is don’t let it overcome you and influence you—keep on going towards what you want to do–no matter what… You need to be as enthusiastic about door number one-hundred as door number one.”

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