Samuel L. Jackson Injures Shoulder in Stunt Gone Wrong

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  • Samuel L. Jackson probably let out more f-bombs than usual after suffering an injury while participating in a stunt.

    The actor told David Letterman he separated his shoulder while shooting a sequence for forthcoming action film “Big Game” in Germany.

    “It’s another one of those ‘president in jeopardy’ films… That’s where I separated my shoulder,” he said. “Anatomically, what happened is, I was flipped from a height of about seven feet out of a freezer, which is supposedly attached to a helicopter flying through some woods, and they had a camera on one end of the freezer, I was on the other end, and the stuntman jumped off the freezer, the (weight of the) camera flipped the freezer, I went flying out of it and I landed on my shoulder. Now when I landed on my shoulder, the ligaments that hold your clavicle (collarbone) down snapped and my clavicle jumped up…

    “The pain was crazy only because the shoulder never really hurt, but the trauma to the muscles that hold it in and the ligaments snapping… so when I took deep breaths, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest or in the back…”

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