Chilli & T-Boz Respond to Pebbles Interview with Wendy

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  • You, us and several million other people weren’t the only ones who saw the Perri “Pebbles” Reid interview with Wendy Williams on Wednesday.

    So did TLC’s Chilli and T-Boz. And needless to say, they are not thrilled with what they saw and heard come out of Pebbles’ mouth.

    “Yall need 2 watch what church yall walk n2 cuz ill tell ya sum of these so called MINISTERS might get struck down by lightning at any moment,” Chilli and T-Boz both wrote via Twitter.

    Pebbles of course is on a media tour to do damage control in the wake of V H1′s airing of “CrazySezyCool: The TLC Story,” which showed her in a very, very unflattering light as the TLC’s manager who did them wrong.

    On Wednesday, Pebbles sat with Wendy Williams to give her side of the story. Pebbles, a former singer, is also a minister and she not only alleges that TLC mismanaged their own funds, but that group member Chilli slept with her then husband, L.A. Reid.

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