Majora Carter Inspires Communities Of Color To Join The Tech Ecosystem

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Carter noted that two-thirds of communities of color have access to the Internet, mostly by way of smart-phones. She hopes to shift the tide of Blacks and Hispanics consuming information by turning them into producers of the technology and content available today.

Carter has seen measurable results in her quest to arm the community she services with the tools and training to compete in today’s fast-moving and globally-expansive technology wave. Her group recently went into a local high school and taught teenage students the basics of coding and entered into a partnership with Nickelodeon and their games division.

The students were part of a pilot program where they tested games for the company as part of its global quality assurance efforts. Carter mentioned that this entry-level job is typically done overseas, and gives the groups she aids via her organization an inside look into the world of software and gaming development.

Carter’s dynamic career is complete with several milestones. At the tail end of the 20th Century, she helped bring environmental awareness to her South Bronx community and helped spur green development. She went on to found Sustainable South Bronx in 2001, serving as its executive director until 2008. Carter also helms the Major Carter Group, which works on a variety of issues including the local economy, and helping citizens get the most out of tax-funded city services.

Keeping with her theme of building from within, Carter’s Twitter tag-line neatly ties all her philosophies into one neat bow: “You don’t have to leave your neighborhood to live better!”

Amen to that.

Learn more about Major Carter here.

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