Real Fathers, Real Men: Pastor Willie Fagg

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    11/12/13- Today’s “Real Fathers, Real Men” winner is Pastor Willie Fagg.


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    2 thoughts on “Real Fathers, Real Men: Pastor Willie Fagg

    1. Hand Up Not A Hand Out

      Hello my name is Kevin Blackshear, retired United States Army, my wife and I MSG Juana Blackshear (active duty currently) have been blessed to have supported five kids through college, all at the same time, four kids and my sister. I thank god everyday for our careers and accomplishment of our kids. Shawnita, (daughter) masters degree, Marcus (son) Bachelors degree, Shanekia (daughter) will receive Masters in July 2013, Jasmine (daughter) Bachelors hopefully off to medical school in the fall, and Jackie (sister) will receive masters in December 2013. One of my daughters is now getting married 1 February 2014; we want this to be a day for her to remember for the rest of our lives, due to the economy and student loans, we are running out of time. I am asking for your assistance; however I am not asking for a hand out, I am willing to work off my debt. Please consider me for radio, television, advertisement, spokes person, or whatever services you provide.

      Thank you for your time

      Kevin Blackshear
      SSG USA retired

    2. Thank you very much Mr. Joyner for the award. My relatives were very offended with the remarks afterwards. It has been rough dealing with the jokes and criticism having the last name that I have, “Fagg”. Many of my relatives, including my father, step-mother, kids, and my wife were very upset with the jokes. I didn’t hear anything except what was played on the site. It doesn’t bother me now, but it may have been rather insensitive for a lot of people.There are many people with the Fagg last name. I know that this post may not make a difference, but I just thought you should know. This is a worldwide show that reaches a lot of people. Please be mindful in the future. Thank you again sir, and God bless.

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