Little Known Black History Fact: Elizabeth ‘Mum Bett’ Freeman

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Mum Bett Freeman would become known as a popular healer, midwife and a nurse. Her story was shared by author, Catherine Sedgwick, Theodore’s wife, and passed down through generations. Mum Bett and her daughter Betsy retired in Stockbridge until her death in 1829. She was buried in the Sedgwick family plot.

Ironically, Theodore Sedgwick is the 4th great grandfather of actress Kyra Sedgwick, star of the television show, “The Closer” which aired on the TNT newtork. The connection was found via the PBS show “Finding Our Roots,” with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.  and is now retold in his latest presentation “The African Americans” now airing on PBS.

There is currently an effort underway to immortalize the legacy of Elizabeth “Mum Bett” Freeman on a U.S. Postal Stamp.

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5 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Elizabeth ‘Mum Bett’ Freeman

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