Minnesota School Bus Driver Fired After Leading Kids In Prayer

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  • Minnesota resident Edward Nathaniel III (pictured), a pastor of two churches who moonlighted as a school bus driver, was allegedly fired last week, after leading children in Christian prayer while driving, according to CBS Minnesota.

    The 49-year-old minister worked for the Burnsville School District for two years as a driver and argues that he never force fed his praying ritual to his captive audience of elementary and junior high school students. Instead, he gave them a choice, “I ask[ed] the students would they like to pray, and if they like to pray, then they can lead prayer themselves and then I will pray,” he said. “[On] a couple of routes, I had children that chose not to pray and that was fine.”

    Nathaniel’s spiritual routine would last about seven minutes after the last child boarded the bus, “We start out with a song,” he told Gawker. “Then each person will pray if they want to pray. If they don’t want to pray, they don’t have to pray. Then I will pray and ask them if they want to join me in prayer. Just give them something constructive and positive to go to school with.”

    Unfortunately for the pastor, his firing allegedly stemmed from the complaints the district received; Nathaniel’s bus route is primarily made up of Muslim families.

    Apparently, Nathaniel was previously warned about his evangelizing ways by the district. “The company gave me a written warning that you cannot pray on the bus,” he said. “No parent complained to me, personally, so I just heard it from the district.”

    The district warning fell on deaf ears, though, because Nathaniel still felt compelled to pray with his students. “They are trying to take away every right the Christian has to express our Christian belief in this supposed-to-have-been Christian nation,” he contends.

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    6 thoughts on “Minnesota School Bus Driver Fired After Leading Kids In Prayer

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    2. I feel bad about him being fired, but I appreciate people like him spreading the Good News.
      With ongoing reports on school shootings, bullying and child molestation [by teachers], perhaps some of these children prayed that they would be kept safe from such horrible acts.
      Sadly, Mr. Nathaniel was fired for doing the Lord’s work.

      • The kids were Muslim, you may not agree with their beliefs, but you should at least respect them. This would be the equilavent of asking a busload of blacks to recite the KKK pledge.

        • The article reads “PRIMARILY made up of Muslim.” Perhaps those were the children who chose not to pray. Although I am not a Muslim, I truly and deeply respect and appreciate their beliefs.
          You are REALLY stretching it to say that this pastor’s act is comparable to Blacks reciting the KKK pledge. I have read the KKK pledge and it is NOT even close!

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