Rev. Al Sharpton Talks Personal Evolution in Latest Book, ‘The Rejected Stone’

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    Rev. Al Sharpton is set to make his first literary debut in over 10 years with his third upcoming book, The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton And The Path To American Leadership. The autobiography will be co-published by Cash Money Records’ publishing division, Cash Money Content, ironically enough, the same label of rapper Lil Wayne, a vocal antagonist of the civil rights leader.

    “The title of the book, The Rejected Stone, came from a biblical passage in St. Luke, and I thought about how my own evolution,” says Rev. Sharpton in a video trailer for the book. “And a lot of people in places around the world. President Obama, Michael Jackson – we all are rejected stones.”

    The Rejected Stone will focus on Sharpton’s personal evolution from activist to political candidate and ubiquitous civil rights spokesman. “We all are people that at the beginning lives or careers, people would never have expected us to make an impact at all,” says Sharpton. “I wanted to tell anecdotes of my story, to tell the average person I don’t care how people view you as an individual, if you accept yourself, you can make a difference.”

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    2 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Talks Personal Evolution in Latest Book, ‘The Rejected Stone’

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