Players Divided Regarding Dolphins’ Martin

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A senior partner in a New York law firm was appointed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to investigate possible misconduct and prepare a report. DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, said Thursday that he continues to be in touch with those involved.

“The NFLPA has taken steps to ensure that every one of our affected members is represented,” Smith said in a statement. “It is our duty as a union to learn the full facts, protect the interests of players involved and hold management accountable to the highest standards of fairness and transparency.”

Martin is the son of Harvard graduates, and his great grandfather graduated from the school in 1924. Martin attended Stanford, where he majored in the classics and protected Andrew Luck’s blind side.

Martin was taken by the Dolphins in the second round of the 2012 draft. But while he has been a starter since the first game of his rookie season, he developed a reputation in the NFL for lacking toughness.

That impression might have been reinforced by the way he handled his issues with Incognito, current and former teammates acknowledge.

“A lot of people might look at Jonathan Martin and think that he’s soft because he stepped away from the game, and say, ‘Why don’t you just fight him?’” said Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin, who played with Martin at Stanford. “Well, if you look at it with common sense and being logical, what options did Jonathan Martin have?

“He could fight Richie Incognito. He could go and tell on the players, which we know in the football locker room doesn’t go over too well. Or he could remove himself from the situation and let the proper channels take care of itself. And I think he made the intelligent, smart choice without putting himself or Richie Incognito’s physical abilities in danger.”

Incognito’s harassment of Martin included text messages that were racist and threatening, two people familiar with the situation have told The Associated Press. Incognito is white, while Martin is biracial.

Two other people familiar with the situation have said Martin talked of quitting football earlier in his pro career before leaving the Dolphins. One person said Martin considered giving up the sport because of the way he was being treated by other offensive linemen on the team. The person added that Martin now wants to continue his football career.

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5 thoughts on “Players Divided Regarding Dolphins’ Martin

  1. You know what? It’s not a garden party or a quilting bee – it’s FOOTBALL! When my son was in high school, I would overhear him and his friends talk about what went on in the locker room. I was livid, and I asked my son why they didn’t complain to the coaches or the athletic director. He said, “It’s football. Football is a rough, tough game. If I’m not man enough to take it, I’m not man enough to play.” He told me that what his own teammates said was nothing compared to the comments the opposing team would make on the field! I let him handle it in his own way. He became a standout player, and got a full athletic scholarship to a D1 university. His education is being paid for in full because he decided to be “man enough to take it.” He dished it out, too. I’m not saying that anything goes, that it’s okay for someone to cause bodily harm, but if you can’t stand heat, please don’t work in a kitchen!

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