Plantation S&M Fantasies: Would You Engage In Slave Sex Roll Play?

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  • Chauncey Devega‘s article, “Playing with Sex, Power, and Race: Did You Know That There Are “Plantation Retreats” Where Black People Go to Serve Their White “Masters?” has emerged from the shadows of the internet to once again shock, disgust and (probably) secretly intrigue readers who have never considered humiliation and racism “appropriate” forms of arousal.

    The founder and editor of the blog “We Are Respectable Negroes” fearlessly delves into the world of BDSM (“Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism), then plunges even further into the world of race play.

    The images of “Plantation Retreats,” where Black “slaves” go to psychosexually serve their White “masters” (and vice versa), have astonished some people, but there seems to be a growing number of masochists who use race play to navigate through feelings of racial oppression, inferiority and tension.

    While these retreats may be an extreme way for some to work through underlying racial aggression and prejudices, who’s job is it to police sexuality?

    That was rhetorical. The answer is “no one.”

    Since the article began recirculating, it has caused such a stir on social media, that Devega revisits the topic in a Q&A on his blog:

    Read an excerpt below:

    Have you discovered other BDSM plantation-slavery role-playing retreats? What about other online resources for those people who want to engage in “slavery” BDSM role-playing?

    Yes. There is one in the United Kingdom which you can read about here. They also have an application process. The proprietors are quite interested in “owning” “slaves” who are not white. Blue Star Plantation’s “slave master” and “overseers” also host a President Jefferson Davis event–yes, in honor of the Confederacy–where they have a race in which their slaves compete with one another for the approval and honor of the respective masters.

    The online community called Fetlife has a dedicated group called “The Slave Register”. It has approximately 6,000 members who enjoy the lifestyle that is being a slave “owned” by another person. Some of the members are interested in race play. Many other members have not explicitly mentioned an interest in that lifestyle.

    Have you discovered any examples of race play and slavery fantasies which you found particularly disturbing or surprising?

    My instincts tell me that those folks who are really into that lifestyle are not posting online in regular forums. Likely, there is a very private subculture, one that exists outside of the eyes of “tourists” like myself.

    However, I did discover that there is a website where you can register the UPC code of your “slave” in an online database. This is the natural evolution of the jewelry, brands, and other tattoos worn by submissives who are “owned” by their “masters”. I was still surprised that people would actually register a UPC code, have it tattooed on their flesh, and then make the information accessible on a public database.

    African-Americans were forced to wear “slave tags” during the centuries of our bondage in the United States and elsewhere. We were also branded with markings that showed our “ownership” by a specific master. It should not be surprising that some people who are engaged in race play or “master”/”slave” relationships would use current technology.

    Read entire article by clicking here.

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