Marissa Alexander Bail Hearing Set For Friday

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Alexander was originally released on bail after the incident occurred in August 2010. But her bail was revoked in February 2011 after she went to see Gray even though she had been ordered by a judge to stay away from him, and was arrested for battery.

Alexander’s case drew national attention during the trial of George Zimmerman, the wanna-be neighborhood watchman who shot unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin dead in February of 2012. Authorities in Sanford, Fla., waited a month before arresting Zimmerman after he invoked the state’s Stand Your Ground law, arguing he was defending himself when he killed Martin. Alexander invoked the controversial law, but her claim to the defense was rejected during a hearing on the matter.

State Attorney Angela Corey, who tried Zimmerman and Alexander’s cases, argued that her claim did not fall under the state’s Stand Your Ground law. It was logic that did not sit well with Alexander’s supporters who protested outside of the courthouse where the she appeared last week.

“The justice system is not working,” said Reina Fernandez, one of the women with Sisterhood of Survivors. “The message we’re getting is that if you’re a victim of domestic violence you should just let the man beat and kill you.”

The Rev. Richard Burton, senior director of Project REACH, said Alexander was a victim of racial prejudice.

“If Marissa was a white woman this would not be happening,” Burton said. “What Angela Corey is doing is nothing less than what the KKK did back in my day.”

Judy Thompson of Forgotten Majority, which advocates for the humane treatment of people in prison, said Alexander has been victimized by her husband and by the judicial system that is suppose to protect her.

“We have decriminalized domestic violence,” Thompson said. “Even though her husband beat her, he was never charged with a crime.”

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