Olympian LoLo Jones Tells Fan To Get ‘A Relaxer’

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  • Lolo Jones may have put her foot in her mouth, again.

    According to reports, the U.S. Olympic bobsled team member offended a fan on Twitter by suggesting she perm her natural hair.

    The exchange took place on Twitter after @trackchick13_ posted a picture of her Halloween costume. “Lolo jones 4 Halloween,” she wrote. “I just need a hurdle.”

    “And a relaxer,” Lolo responded. “I haven’t rocked curls since h.s :p”

    Of course, the relaxer comment sparked a frenzy on the Twitterverse, racking up over 700 retweets.

    @lexy_mai wrote, “@trackchick13_ don’t relax your hair boo! You’re beautiful! Be au natural! But do you! You rocks.”

    Another user, @MsBoss788, chimed in, “@lolojones ma’am you should apologize to @trackchick13_ what you said to her was rude and uncalled for. You need to grow up.”

    In response to the controversy, Lolo chose to clarify her words instead of offering an apology.

    “If i had curly hair & she had hers straight and I told her to get a curly perm to mimic no one would cared but the other way ppl flip. #noted,” she tweeted.

    Tell us your thoughts below. Was the comment offensive or taken out of context?

    Originally seen on http://hellobeautiful.com/

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    One thought on “Olympian LoLo Jones Tells Fan To Get ‘A Relaxer’

    1. She a looser anyway all hype and can’t hurdle for the medal when it counted the most. She needs to back off that was a compliment that someone even wanted to be her wack azzz.ijs

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