COMMENTARY: Dolphins Should Give Incognito His Walking Papers for Bullying

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  • I’m glad the Miami Dolphins suspended guard Richie Incognito, an alleged serial bully who was sending vile, racially-charged text, e-mail and voice mail messages to his bi-racial teammate Jonathan Martin.

    But the Dolphins should go one step further: Cut Incognito now. Kick him off the team immediately and send a clear message that racial harassment will not be tolerated in the NFL. He should not be allowed to play professional football again.

    According to a CBS Sports report, Incognito referred to Martin as a “half-n—–” and threatened to track down members of Martin’s family and harm them.

    Martin, 24, a second-year player from Stanford, left the team last week to sort through some emotional issues after Incognito’s rants were shared with the Dolphins and Martin’s family.

    “Hey, wassup, you half (expletive) piece of (expletive),” according to a transcript from Incognito to Martin.

    “I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I’ll (expletive) in you (expletive) mouth,” Incognito said to Martin. I’m gonna slap your (expletive) mouth, I’m gonna slap your real mother across the face (laughter). (Expletive) you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”

    This is sick, lunatic behavior. There is no place in the Dolphins organization –or the NFL –  for Incognito or his intolerable brand of racial harassment and locker room bullying.

    The Dolphins initially thought Martin was the victim of a team prank, but now we know the warped harassment escalated into something far more serious, more sinister, and more troubling.

    Nobody knows for sure when Martin plans to return to the Dolphins. Some players say Martin should take some time to himself while others maintain that Martin, who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 312 pounds, should toughen up, return to the team, and play football.

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    143 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Dolphins Should Give Incognito His Walking Papers for Bullying

    1. You black people are more pissed off about a white guy saying the word nigger instead being pissed about the bullying . Black people call each other nigger every day like its nothing , but want a white man to lose his job if he says the word nigger ? What a joke , If gets kicked out of the NFL for saying nigger , then any black man that says any racist comment should also get kicked out . You mean to tell me that black players never say any racists comments towards white players ? Blacks are the most racist people there are !

      • 100% correct . African Americans are extremely cruel and evil against each other . African Americans need to understand that they are not the only visible minority in America . Asians, Orientals, Latinos, Black Africans, and Whites are visible minorities in some cities in America . It’s about time to hold african Americans accountable for their actions just like everybody else is in America

      • He would be kicked out of the NFL for a continuing pattern of behavior that started in college with him being kicked off the team at Nebraska twice and then being dismissed from Oregon, and continuing into the pros where he was cut for dirty play and disrespecting the coach, named the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers, and having opponents retaliate against his dirty play with fists and helmets.

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      • Don’t blame the President – blame your insurance company. They still control everything. You need to investigate further and you will find out the truth. IT IS THE INSURANCE COMPANY.

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    7. Incognito served as the ringleader for the unforgivable harassment, guess whom else was in the ring? Anyone Peeps? I know we want to ignore this and pin it all on a white guy, it makes BAW life much easier, right? Five black men constituted the rest of the Ring of Thug. Yeah Peeps, yeah there it is.

      • Jiggy’s overuse of outdated slang suggests a middle-aged dumb white guy trying to pass himself off as Black and Joe Valdez is just Ted Cruz’s really stupid cousin.

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      • Jiggy, none of the other “thugs” have a history of being put out of multiple universities, being cut from pro teams for disciplinary reasons, and being named as the dirtiest player in the league.

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    8. This African American Journalist Michael Cottman is a third rate journalist . What has he ever done or accomplish???
      He knows that his job depends on crying Racism , why didn’t he focus on the 5 Black palyers involved in teasing this big Black Homo chicken football player?

      • First of all you spelled did not spell my name correctly secondly you are the one who is a racist .Many African Americans self hate and hate other nationalities. African Americans males prefer White women because they hate fat obese Black women , and because they want their kids to become lighter , and smarter (that is what Blacks believe) . Why are Black Africans so much smarter than African Americans? Black African are smarter than many White and Latinos . African Americans are never going to succeed because they are ignorant , self destructive , Lazy , have criminal minds . They feel the only hope is to breed with White Women.

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        • Get Over It Princess. Very few Blacks become doctors , engineers , or even complete high school.
          Why the hell do you guys call each other Nigger?? why do you rape and kill like wild animals???? over 85% of all murders 9,500 plus++++ murders committed by African Americand each year . Why do you African Americans consume more than 45% of welfare monies in America and you are only14% of the population???? Why can’t you guys speak proper English instead of that mumble jumble Eubonics like Black Africans and other Nationalities so that you can be understood????

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        • Your statistics speaks volumes Joe, but you don’t have to be so in yo face about it bro-bro

        • 45% of the welfare cases from 14% of the population? You got data to back that up Joe? If true all I can say is Damm Peeps, Damm

        • Joe and Jiggy, I have a similar testimony to Eunice. I am blessed to be surrounded by black friends and family who fear God and contribute to society. But you are too blinded by “numbers” to take the word of people of integrity.

        • By the way – what is Eubonics? There isn’t any such word. Like I told you before – you are just plain ignorant and talk what you don’t know. L.D.T.

        • I wil be damned a Ghetto Queen with an IQ of 75 ???? major accomplisment
          Why are Black Africans way more intelligent and better educated than you guys????
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        • Just like your Halfbreed Homo Chicken Coward Ball Player , Why didn’t you guys blame the other 5 Brothas???? You guys said it was The White Boy who led the 5 Brothas??? So help me understand you mean to say that You African Americans don’t have enough Brains to lead??? You need a White Boy to Lead You?????? No wonder you collect food stamps

      • How about the other 5 Balck Americans that were involved ???? Blacks always get their way in America just accusing other people of racism , how about Black racism???? Black on Black crime????
        Football is a real Man’s game keep the Queers our

        • You are the biggest meathead that ever stepped out. With your name – there is no way that you are white. I think you are an illegal Mexican. You are so ignorant that you don’t even know how ignorant you really are. You talk your big talk but just get in a conversation with me and you will be hanging up the phone before I finish telling you off – INTELLIGENTLY because you don’t know how to respond intelligently to any one. If I were as illiterate ( go back and proof read all of your emails) as you are – I would camp out in the library. Your fragmented sentences, spelling, punctuation is atrocious. (Go look that up in the dictionary – if you even know what a dictionary is).

        • Illegal Mexican ???? Hmmm I am not African American for sure or Mexican , I am Cuban, and glad I am not an African American based on the low educational levels of African Americans.
          Tell Your People to quit killing each other , you guys commit more than 85% of all murders and crimes with a 14% population . Why do you guys call each other Niggers??? Why do African Americans commit more than 9,000 murders a year ?? Why did you guys bankrupt Detroit . and made this once great city into a giant Third world Dump? Why are you guys so fat ,why you hate your children, and your Black women??? Why are you guys willing to kill for the priviledge of being with a low class White woman?????

        • The question you asked of why are you guys so fat? Well the majority of the whole country is fat and since blacks only make up 14% – who is making up the other 86%. You need to go back to Cuban if the United States is not good enough for your LDT self. You are one racist bigot that needs to go back to your Hitler loving Cuba.

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        • And you quit eating rats, dogs and cats. And also send your cockroaches back to Cuba where you brought them from when you immigrated here.

        • Ghetto Queen they do this in China and the Phillipines, and Korea. We Cubans are way way richer than you dumb African African Americans. Who built the MLK monument ???? Who destroyed Detroit??? How about the Myor of Newark (now US Senator) Corey Brooks He did nothing for Newark , a 95% African american city infested with Rats , feces, garbages, sky high murder rate.
          All by African Americans MBA’s like You. Are you runing Meth , and Crack houses with your MBA????

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          I know for sure you only have one pot to pee in now that you mooved from the Hood in New Orleans or Detroit where you and you familly used to crap and pee on the street. I am proud of you your MBA sure helps doesn’t ? You are now peeing in a pot wow. Great Ghetto Queen

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        • I am having fun with you low life Ghetto Queen , you are real Ghetto no class at all . Get your rotten smelly mouth tooth cavities fixed , go loose some weight , maybe just maybe your Ghetto Brothas will take time off from his Trailer trash Whithe Woman to do you . Like I said African Americans have big sausages , me I have a hot dog, and it seems that you had some white guy with a little bit wiener do you to tie you over untill you cashed your welfare check Ghetto Queen . And maybe you need to console Your Home Halfbreed Brotha who is hidding from Incognito .

        • Are you f**king kidding! You aren’t white! You think that because you are Cuban that you are white. Come again, idiot. You are some wetback whose family sneaked into this country and now think that he is white. You are nothing but a wetback Latino. It is an idiot like you that think having a wiener is something. I bet they laugh you and your hot dog right out of the gym but then again, you can’t go to the gym because you are so fat that you can’t even get out off the couch.

        • Typical African American Trash. Fat Lazy ,Uneducated, liar.
          Why can’t you guys build your own MLK Monument ? Aswr : Stupid Stupider.
          I am in excellent shape ,I work for a living as opposed to you sitting your fat butt at Mc D cause you can’t cook

        • Ghetto Queen you must have a slopy smelly vagina that stinks . Use proper Hygene like Cuban women do

        • Oh sure! If you think that smelling like a wet dog smells good then you just continue smelling your Cuban women. They stink and so do you! I bet you haven’t taken a bath in years. You probably can’t even get off the couch to take one so I know your a** is raunchy. You don’t have to worry about any woman, Cuban or whatever, even getting close to you because of your smell – you stinky immigrant.

        • Your hoods are so poor that you don’t have any water, African American Hoods stink so bad , and you are so fat that you smell like rotten eggs. Cuban Americans in Florida are well maintained, clean . On the other hand your Hoods in Liberty City look just as bad as Detroit, Chicago’s South Side, East St Louis . Why don’t you guys get off your Ghetto Butts and do some work Ghetto Queen

        • I hired African Americans Laborers to lay gras pads at my house , they were so dumb that I had to yell “Green SideUp” why ? They never seen a well manicured lawn . Pssst … wash your stinky vagina once every 2 hrs otherwise you stink so bad because of all those Pig Feet, and Chitlin you guys Eat Yak… so disgusting

    9. Those young brothers in Jena, Louisiana dealt with a racist cave n!@@er like ritchie incognito by stomping his ass out. They were charged with attempted murder for protecting themselves against racist attacks. This mayonnaise monkey incognito will get the same real soon. He is going to antagonize the wrong person. Brother Jonathan Martin did the right thing by removing himself from the environment. Had he gone columbine high on this neanderthal ape, he would be reviled as just another black thug.

      • Typical big talking do nothing loud mouth African Americans. Why didn’t they mention the other 5 Black Players who were involved. Pure racism against non African Americans cry babies. This Big Black Homosexual chicken has no balls like most African Americans thugs who beat up women

      • Typical big talking do nothing loud mouth African Americans Pure racism against non African Americans cry babies. This Big Black Homosexual chicken has no balls like most African Americans thugs who beat up women

    10. Poor pitiful little joe valdez, all the hate, does it make you feel better you yeast infected douche bag? Putting down other races is the only thing you can write about, just another maggot with nothing to say.

      • African Americans are the most hateful people in America , they commit 85% of all murders, more than 9,000 African Americans kill each other every year over $20; running shoes; crack; white women . African Americans are self destructive, rude, vulgar just listen to your Rap Songs

    11. The media kills Mark Sanchez for all kinds of things, and he’ll probably be out of the league soon. You can’t tell me that there is no worse black players in the league than Sanchez, but it seems the NFL is racist against non-blacks. Sorry I cannot support this witch hunt against Richie, because it is clearly coming from an unfair bias.

      • If they didn’t – they should. I am getting sick and tired of people telling people to stop wimping and then calling them homosexual because they don’t take that type of bullying. Well you need to take homosexual off because I know some homosexuals that don’t take any s**t off any body and would whip Incognito’s stinking fat a** butt before he could get the word homosexual out of his mouth. The problem has always been – boys will be boys – well it is time for these boys to grow up and become men. There is no need for boys playing a grown man’s game if they are going to act like little bully boys in the locker room. If they want to act like little boys – then go play in the Little League and let the grown men play professional football. I did say professional football. If Incognito can’t act professional – then he needs to go back to being an amateur and that goes for his five buddies, too.

        • Get over it “Black Princess” if your Homo friends wanna man up this Incognito will kick their Black Homo Ass in a Flip . Get tired with your Bum Backdoor Cowboys .

    12. The NFL is racist against non African Americans . This White guy was part of a group made up of 5 Blacks why aren’t they getting suspended???? Hypocracy . Maybe Non African Americans should Boycott Foot ball Games . Afterall we are the ones with the money to support Football . lazy welfare dependet African Americans surely don’t have the money .

    13. Of course when its a white guy doing the bullying he must be attacked because its safe, and the black guy must be defended, because we are so altruistic and noble. but when its the other way around, no one wants to say shit. Admit it, the reason you are piling on Incognito has nothing to do with his behavior nor your apparently unyielding compassion for the wonderful, incredible, innocent Martin. Incognito is as much of a racist just all of you are hypocrites.

    14. The ignorance put forth by some of these comments is mind blowing. What went on here is beyond bullying. I haven’t seen a football play yet that calls for someone to be called a “half nigger”. No one should have to go to work in a hostile environment whether it’s in an office or an arena. To suggest that he should have sucked it up because it’s football is utterly ridiculous and proves that dysfunctional boys/girls become dysfunctional men/women.

      • African Americans call each other Nigger in Publics , just listen to Rap Songs , hell even Obama’s pal JayZ sees no problem calling Blacks Nigga , Even Oprah is revolted on how Black Americans are illiterate , violent , and have no ambition, and are quick to blame others for their laziness . Hell even Black men prefer Fat White women . This Mulatto Homosexual player Jonathan Martin is a Yellow Coward . Over 80% of all murders are committed by African Americans killing each other . Clean up your own house before pointing fingers at other nationalities , Why are you ignorant African Americans ignoring the fact that there were several Black Players involved , and only the White Italian was accused. Hippocrites You all are

      • Black Americans are the ignorant ones , always pointing fingers at others. Why do Black Americans commit 85 % of all murders in America? Why do they kill each other? Why do they call each other Nigger? Why are 75% of all Black Famillies headed by a single parent Black women ? Why are African Americans d=so dysfunctional ????

    15. This guy has been a bully all his life, he is a hateful and racist maggot. Bullying is probably his way of coping with his LITTLE vienna sausage problem

      • African Americans call each other Nigger in Publics , just listen to Rap Songs , hell even Obama’s pal JayZ sees no problem calling Blacks Nigga , Even Oprah is revolted on how Black Americans are illiterate , violent , and have no ambition, and are quick to blame others for their laziness . Hell even Black men prefer Fat White women . This Mulatto Homosexual player Jonathan Martin is a Yellow Coward . Over 80% of all murders are committed by African Americans killing each other . Clean up your own house before pointing fingers at other nationalities , Why are you ignorant African Americans ignoring the fact that there were several Black Players involved , and only the White Italian was accused. Hippocrites You all are

    16. RE: Joe Valdez comments, you’re very ignorant. Regardless if the guy is gay or not, only cowards bully others. To drag President Obama into it just prove what an uneducated idiot you really are.

      • President Obama has a 42 % approval rating and a 58% disaproval rating the 3rd worse since 1904 when pols were first taken. President Obama is half Kenyan Luos who are famous for selling Black Slaves like Obama Grand Dad did just a few yrs ago . In fact churches in America bought raised thousands $$$$ buying Sudanese Black Christian Dinka slaves from Ugandan Luos . President Obama is a Gay President just as Clinton was mentioned as The First Black President. Black Americans are big losers cry babies , African Immigrants in America are intelligent go to school and don’t speak that mumble jumble Eubonics

        • You are adorable online! Meanwhile in real life, you are a scared and probably short man who clutches his pearls in fear every time some big mean black guy walks past. Problem is, he’s not mean and not even that big, you’re just a tiny person (mind and spirit) who bucks up on the internet. But I enjoy you, much like I enjoy my chihuahua when she barks and growls at something big enough to step on her. You’re kind of like that :)

      • Stephanie you are a typical Ghetto African American Food Stamp collector probably 100# overweight Ghetto queen . Your Bum Buddy Jonathan “The Big Homo” has as much courage a baby shit . How about the other 5 Black Dudes who were involved ????

    17. This Jason Martin is Gay Mulatto Big Coward . Football is a man’s game . Fighting resolves everything “take it outside” Fist City . There is no room for Gay behavior in NFL Football . I suppose US First Gay President Obama will get involved including his pals Tom Joyner, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi , NAACP , Gay & lesbian Feds, Environmentalists.

    18. He needs to ose his job in the NFL and he needs to lose everything he has that is what they did to Michael Vick for fighting dogs OK. All the crap that went on was way out of line I bet this is just the tip of the iceburg there is probably a whole lot more

    19. I’m reading a lot of ignorant comments alone with what I’m hearing from Tom this morning. I think you guys need to grow up. This is a very serious situation. The guy may be a football play, but that doesn’t mean that he wants to engage in what he felt was inappropriate behavior. Bulling is serious. I bet if that football player came back and killed the bully everyone would be saying “Damn, he can’t take a joke?” Telling on the bully was the warning. This is not a laughing matter.

    20. Solution one 4x4x4 piece of lumber, soaked in 10w50 weight motor oil for 4days, dried in oven set to 375 or 100 deg sun for 2days to insure that it will not crack break or bend, find 6’5″ 312lbs incognito and render him not only incognito but unconscious. Lots of bullied folks will donate to your defense funds and with a little luck you will get sympathetic judge and jury.

    21. I am from the old school and in my day you would just put the dude down, by any means possible. There is no man to big to fall!!!

        • Hockey endorses fighting and so should football . Fighting is healthy and it resolves everything Fist fighting , wrestling, kicking all good

    22. what is the baby going to do because this big dude is doing all the whining. That’s some bitchassness on both their parts. When did grown men start acting like this? Both need to move on.

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