Pebbles Denies Suing the Estate of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

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  • A story circulated the web earlier this week claiming that Pebbles was suing Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes‘ estate over unpaid royalties, well, she says that’s not true.

    Pebbles released the following statement on her website, it reads:

    In Loving Memory of the Late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes – My heart grieves that her name has been pulled into a situation that she is unable to defend. I ask that we give her soul rest and peace, in regards to this entire situation, I have the deepest respect to her and her family.

    The rumor is circulating that I am currently suing the estate Of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.


    The rumors are fictitious and fallacious.

    I want to express my sincere appreciation to you all and solicit your continued prayers.

    In the original story, Pebbles was quoted telling VH1, “Just cuz she not here doesn’t mean she ain’t gotta pay what she owe. Everybody pays what they owe. Ask TLC.” However, it has been confirmed that the quote was fake and a part of a parody interview.


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    2 thoughts on “Pebbles Denies Suing the Estate of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

    1. Oh NOW you want to show respect to one of them huhh?? Pebbles is in full damage control mood now. She is soliciting continued prayers?? Really. How should THAT prayer go? “Dear Lord, I KNOW what Pebbles did was wrong. I KNOW she took advantage of some young talented ladies who knew nothing about the business. She made a LOT of money off of their backs and didn’t care about them or their well being. She put making money first above any and everything else. BUT I’M ASKING YOU LAWD (Crying now as I pray) THAT YOU BLESS PEBBLES. SHE IS A PREACHER LAWD. SHE PRETTY LAWD, (SWEAT, TEARS AND SNOT RUNNING DOWN AS I AM BOWING ON MY KNEES)PLEEEEASE GOD. IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!”

      N word please!!!! LOL

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