Conrad Murray Wants to Be a Doctor Again, Sues Texas Over License

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  • AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas doctor convicted in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson is suing the state for stripping his right to practice medicine, and his attorney said Thursday that the cardiologist has former patients eager for him to work again.

    Conrad Murray, who was released from a California jail this week after serving less than two years for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death, accuses the Texas Medical Board of prematurely revoking his license. Murray claims in his lawsuit filed in Austin that his 2011 conviction isn’t final in California until his appeals are exhausted.

    Murray states in an affidavit that he’s more than $400,000 in debt and can’t afford to pay court costs.

    “Anybody who wants to work in this country ought to be able to have the right to do so. Dr. Murray is like everyone else, in that he needs to be able to do his line of work,” said Charles Peckham, Murray’s attorney.

    Texas Medical Board spokesman Jarrett Schneider said the agency cannot comment on pending litigation.

    Murray was convicted of causing Jackson’s death in June 2009 by providing him with the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid. Jackson was in the midst of preparations for a series of comeback concerts and Murray was serving as his physician.

    Murray filed the lawsuit Friday, three days before he was freed after serving half of a maximum four-year sentence.

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    One thought on “Conrad Murray Wants to Be a Doctor Again, Sues Texas Over License

    1. Conrad sounds like he would be a danger to the public if he were allowed back on the rolls of licensed physician. The Texas Medical Board has a very good reputation for policing its physicians. It would be hard to believe that the TMB would give this guy a license. I mean he was guilty of such outrageous gross conduct that it rose to the level of literally killing his patient. I mean he didn’t even appreciate the danger to his patient hence is is out of the room chatting with one of his bimbos. Very scary.

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