Hey, CHRIS BROWN: ‘Not Everyone Talking in Your Ear Has Your Best Interest at Heart’

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    I’m conflicted when it comes to this Chris Brown story.

    Conflicted because he’s a celebrity, and I know it’s easy to make him out to be the poster child for bad behavior, especially for bad behavior among young black men because he’s a young black man.

    Trust me there are lots of young men and women of all different ethnicities who have hair-trigger tempers, and who have run-ins with the law: Justin Bieber, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, I could go on and on.

    We’ve seen plenty of examples of bad boys and bad girls to report but what’s different about Chris Brown is of course, the Rihanna thing.

    We all remember when it happened and we saw the pictures of Rihanna’s swollen and bruised face. And even with that, many were willing to, if not all out forgive him, at least give him a second chance.

    But then there was another incident, and another, and another: the Good Morning America dressing room incident; the Drake entourage altercation; the Frank Ocean altercation; the hit and run in Los Angeles and now this latest arrest in Washington, DC.

    And even with all of that, still there are some people willing to give Chris Brown another chance.

    Just check out the video of Brown leaving jail last night. People falling all over themselves to see him, take a photo; just to have a glimpse of him and as I watched that video it made me sad.

    Sad not for the people screaming his name, they really don’t care about Chris Brown, they don’t care about him; to them he’s just a character that fills some sort of unknown void in their lives. I felt sad for Chris Brown because he seemed to love the attention; you could see him smiling at times.

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    9 thoughts on “Hey, CHRIS BROWN: ‘Not Everyone Talking in Your Ear Has Your Best Interest at Heart’

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    2. Chris is very talented, he just needs to grow up and realize that not too many get as many chances as he has received. I really hope that this time away affords him the opportunity for emotional growth and the importance of accountability for his own actions.

    3. True that not everyone has his best interest. But chris wasn’t smiling about the publicity, he was appreciating the support of his fans. People don’t support him or watch him to fill a void. His fans care about him. To me what’s messed up is that people are quick to blame him for everything even if it’s stated that he wasn’t at fault in most of the incidents. Honestly, if someone came sidewise at you wouldn’t you defend yourself? Truth is we go with what media and blogs feed us with. I pray that he finds peace and that people leave him alone. He didn’t sign for that!

    4. Chris needs to get his temper under controll HOWEVER IF anyone is out to try and push CHris in order to make him react needs to also be punish for harassment.

    5. Why do we only hold celebrities accountable is my question. No one that wants to hold chris to such high standards is holding this victim to the same standard s. If the roles were reversed and chris brown would have approached this guy and photo bombed or instigated a confrontation you would still blame him. This victim should not have initiated a confrontation. Everyone is so called worried about chris’ anger issues. Noone is worried about the victims ignorance issues. The ones where young people think its ok to run up to people any kind of way. We all have a responsibility to live our life in away that we are not a threat to the rest of society. Not just celebrities. I think chris brown was shocked people were so supportive. I do think it was over the top. But was everyone saying the same thing when Michael Jackson was going to court and the mayheim that ensued from that. The white doves released???? In a molestation case though??? There were also people who were protesting his arrest with legitimate arguments. He is being targeted and that resinates with alot of young black men. Not everyone in america has his best interest at heart,including the media.

      • I agree eryka even with you comment about Michael. MJ was a target and MJ was a HUMBLE person and the media and some people trashed him.

    6. Chris has real DEEP seated issues. It appears he never had a father, or responsible male mentor in his life, and there lies a lot of his problems.

    7. Hopefully, He will hear you loud and clear. He really need to get his temper in check, these so call minor infractions as one would call it can easily put him jail. He have to consciously make the effort not to go spastic on people. What did he learn in those so call anger management classes on how to handle these type of situations.

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