Crazy Sexy Karma?

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Get someone who can represent you well, someone who knows how to troubleshoot and put a strategy together.

3. Resolution

You want to resolve the issue.  You don’t owe the world all the details but you can say, yes, I was part of something that didn’t turn out the way I though it would and for that, I’m sorry.

4. Remove yourself

Get out of the limelight!  Sometimes the reason we’re in trouble is because we’re tired and not in the right frame of mind.  Go on sabbatical, get some rest and come back when you’re refreshed.

5. Rebuild

We all have things happen in our lives.  So come back out after a while and start to live your life again.  There’s nothing you can’t rebound from.  God is a God of second chances and we should all be thankful for that!

You can catch Robin’s “Mamas Gone Wild” interview about damage control on

As a spectator in this whole thing, it seems the longer Pebbles let’s this go on, the more time people have to believe everything TLC has said about her is true.

But whether it is or not, it should make us remember that we’re never completely done with our past.  It follows us wherever we go.

Is it Karma or is Pebbles getting an unfair rap?

You tell us, Pebbles.

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