Is Omarosa A Real-Life Olivia Pope? She Says ‘I Can See The Comparisons’ [EXCLUSIVE]

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“When I was in the White House the first time that there was a shutdown and I remember the families,” she said. “I think there was a million plus furloughed government workers and how people were barely making ends meet. I think about the 16 days of how people tried to survive. So when I hear that this deal is being made, not just to end the shutdown but to raise the debt ceiling, I am very, very glad that cooler, smarter and wiser minds have prevailed because this whole move to undermined the Affordable Healthcare Act is ridiculous.”

She added, “The Republicans need to be ashamed of themselves. So I am very glad because it would have been catastrophic if they had not gotten a deal.”

Now, you weigh in. Can you see the Omarosa – Olivia Pope relation? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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