Is Omarosa A Real-Life Olivia Pope? She Says ‘I Can See The Comparisons’ [EXCLUSIVE]

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  • Olivia Pope may be a fictional character from ABC’s hit drama “Scandal,” but her story reflects the real life of Black women working in Washington and other political arenas across the county — one happens to be our favorite “Celebrity Apprentice” villain Omarosa Manigault.

    HelloBeautiful caught up with the reality TV star at the Los Angeles premiere of 12 Years A Slave, and although she had never heard the comparisons before, she admitted that there are a few correlations between her life and Ms. Pope’s.

    “I came out of the White House, I never slept with the President. I was never involved with any of the scandals, although our White House did have quite a few,” said Omarosa, who worked as a political consultant during the Clinton Administration.

    “We had Travelgate, we had Monica Lewinsky, we had impeachment, okay let me just stop! We had fundraising scandals. I take it back,” she said, laughing. “I can see the comparisons! When I started listing them I’m like ‘Wait a minute!’”

    Speaking of White House affairs, the self-proclaimed Gladiator said she was glad to see the 16-day government shutdown come to an end.

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