COMMENTARY: Chris Brown is a Grown Man and Should Act Like One

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  • “I’m past the bulls**t  now. I’m not dangerous.” – Chris Brown

    Chris Brown is a foul-mouthed, self-destructive mess.

    The troubled Grammy Award-winning singer is in trouble again. He spent the weekend locked in a Washington, D.C. jail for allegedly punching a guy in the face. Brown could go to prison if a judge determines that he violated his probation stemming from his assault on Rihanna, his ex-girlfriend, in 2009.

    But Brown caught a break Monday — sort of. Charges against him were reduced to misdemeanor simple assault instead of a felony. He still faces a maximum of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted. The judge set a preliminary hearing for November 25.

    It seems that Brown hasn’t truly changed his rowdy ways; he just finds different people to punch.

    Brown had several options to avoid trouble this weekend. If the story is correct and Parker did jump in the photo, then so what?

    Instead of fighting, Brown could have simply walked away. He could have walked back into the W hotel and let his bodyguard handle the situation. After all, that’s what Brown pays bodyguards to do.

    Is it really worth repeated arrests and being incarcerated? I wonder if Brown just doesn’t care that he is spiraling out of control — or whether he is completely unable to control his anger. Maybe Brown is not getting the emotional support he really needs.

    Outside court Monday, a friend of Brown’s uncle said that he didn’t believe the reports. “I don’t believe it happened the way they said it happened,” said Tommy Sanders. “We’ll find out.”

    Perhaps Sanders is right. Maybe Brown didn’t throw the first punch, but he allowed himself to be part of the brawl. However this drama plays out, the Brown bad-boy image is getting old. Brown has rage issues. He’s a violent man. The law knows it. His fans know it. And, I assume, his mother knows it, too.

    Brown is gifted, but he constantly makes boneheaded decisions. And he refuses to grasp this simple concept: He can’t go around punching people whenever he wants and wherever he wants. And for some unexplained reason, Brown feels he is above the law.

    Brown’s latest violent outburst happened Sunday morning. According to the DC police report, Isaac Adams Parker, 20, of Beltsville, Maryland, was trying to sneak into a photo being taken of Brown.

    Brown allegedly told Parker “I’m not into that gay s**t” and “I feel like boxing.”

    He then allegedly punched Parker in the face. Christopher Hollosy, reported to be Brown’s bodyguard, stepped in between Brown and Parker, and also punched Parker in the face. Hollosy was also arrested.

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    18 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Chris Brown is a Grown Man and Should Act Like One

    1. WHAT DOES BEING BLACK HAVE TO DO WITH THIS ISSUE? Chris behavior is NOT limited to the black male. IT IS OUR SOCIEITY. THis also not LIMITED To celebs, I think people want to just find a person to bash while ignoring everyone else. I bet the same people who are trashing Chris Brown knows someone (if it is not themselves) who is behaving like Chris YET you are doing nothing to those people.

    2. So we should ignore his behavior because he’s a young black male? Really?? I dont think so. He falls into the thug, hood category with all the other celebrity ‘bad-boy’ losers. He is NO different because he’s black. I can’t believe some of the comments posted…’s like we should continually look the other way. At some point this MAN needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions and surround himself with a better class of people – period. It’s not cute when you are 30, 40, or 50, it’s not cute period.

      • True;however, people do not need to harass Chris either. We know we live in a society where peopel will try to take advantage of someone with a bad reputation and try to get them angry to start fights and get a law suit either.

    3. Why are you running this man in the ground? 50 cents is a fellon and just got arrested again, Jazz sold drugs but oh that isn’t a crime and Charley Sheen abused and beat numerous women plus had a court order from seeing his kids. Leave this man alone because any human can be pushed and you and the media keep pushing this talented man. If you can have a blind eye to these rappers that have sold drugs then you should do the same for Mr. Brown. Only he and Rhiana knows what really went on in that car and if she has forgiving him then everyone else should! He is talented and I hope to meet him one day. Love you Chris Brown and God is with you.

    4. Brown’s charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and he was released on his own recognizance. Apparently, the alleged victim’s injuries were exaggerated and exactly what happened is under dispute.

    5. Ncantina wow black men are all niggers? Man the fu** up Bitc** smh lady you have a lot of hate and rage in you. You sound like a retired member of the KKK proof positive that your I am miss independent attitude was born of the white supremacy tree of knowledge. I guess you cant handle facts because you ran straight to emotions and rage with no substance but im happy that you used the language that you did and made the statements that you made because now people can see what kind of person would praise Don Lemon and Michael Cottman I hope they read your post lol. By the way if you want to see misogyny check out Rhiannas Pour it up video I dare you. Its filled with women objectifying themselves and she directed it with another woman explain that please.

    6. I do not think Chris Brown is a monster or a menace to society. I think he was a nice guy but he did a very bad thing, when he assaulted Rihanna, They called him a monster and now he is answering to that name. Yes I am sick of his constantly getting in to trouble, I think he may have drug problems, but I think he need some help. I don’t think he is getting any from his parents.

    7. This is not a fair commentary! A menace to society? Really? We are so quick to add salt to the wound for our own while seemingly mum when other races commit similar offenses. How about some encouragement for this obviously misguided young man instead of further demonizing him. Shame on you!!!

    8. Ncatina thanks for proving my point I defended the Brother and look at the reaction you had. This so called much needed commetary you speak of has been going on since 1976 with Michelle Wallace book black macho and the myth of the superwoman. The book in which she knowingly pulled black women away from black men and the united movement into the feminist movement and that is where the over glorified miss independent was born. With no fathers in the home the world will continue to have men like Chris Brown he did not fall out of the sky he is a man that was failed as a child by both of his parents. But you cant have a father in the home with the miss independent attitude the ideas cannot exist in the same space.

      • Aaron, miss me with this bullshit with trying to blame black women for the fuck ups of black males. I have no intention in getting into a pissing contest with you.

        BW’s initiative to seek and desire fulfilling lives for oursleves and any children we have is a direct consequence of taking stock of the stunted emotional and psychological growth of black males in this current day. Perhaps, if you ni**ers didn’t run from your children as fast as you otherwise ran up into these dumb wenches whom don’t know any better, everyone would be better off. Do you honeslty think and believe any person, let alone BW who knows her worth, would run to the defense of this criminal (re-read the commentary for reference)??!! That she would give him a pass that Chris Brown, and others like him, would piss on the opportunity and do harm to yet another innocent person, unprovoked??!!

        The bottom line is that Michael Cottman, along with Don Lemon, are voices that need to be exalted over the egregiously misogynistic Steve Harvey and other Black male apologists of this day. The days of excusing criminal black male behavior are quickly coming to an end. This BOY needs to man the fuck up, or otherwise find himself screaming like a bitch behind prison walls before this year is out.

        • Oh, and by the way, no need to get offended by my use of the “n” word especially against the backdrop of BW being referred to as “bitches,” “hoes,” and “skanks” for profit and entertainment by black males for the last 30 years.

        • ncatina: While I don’t agree with every thing you said; I do get your over all point regarding Black males, and their relationship with women, and family. However I feel for you because it appears that you are a very angry person, and also unhappy. Perhaps you need a hug.

        • When have Steve Harvey been apologist? Steve is a GREAT mentor and a tell it like it is person.

    9. I like chris brown he does have some issues but who don’t he needs to get help. He is young and he acts like a lot of young men today making crazy decisions. It is ok to dislike his actions but you should still love the man. Remember he who is without sin well we all have something and your problem may seem small to you because it is yours but to someone else yours may be just like Chris brown

    10. Aaron, STFU!!! It’s bullshit attitudes such as yours, along with all of the needless diversion of deriding this badly-needed commentary as “black male bashing” is a primary factor in what we see with this and other black man-children today. Chris Brown is a fucking menace to society, and needs to be handled accordingly.

    11. I agree with you Aaron. It’s like Tom Joyner lets that idiot sybil wilkes run everything. I can understand wanting to show proper respect to a woman; but proper respect is not giving your woman your d*** and letting her decide when you can be a man or not! That’s why I prefer Steve Harvey’s show; he doesn’t let his women or anybody else forget he’s in charge! Chris Brown is a troublesome kid, but it’s laughable that he’s a ‘menace’ to society! He’s just another celebrity trying to cash in on the ‘badboy’ image that so many black females seem to buy into! They encourage this mindless behavior as they time and time again choose to give themselves to these morons in favor of the more law-abiding intelligent fellas’ out there! You know, I’ve had women get mad at me because I read! That’s how ignorant many of our women are out there! Now it’s ok for them to read, but they think it’s amusing when they can call a man ‘stoopid!’ and laugh about it! Well I ain’t ‘stoopid’ and I wasn’t put down here to amuse you; rather you were put down here to SERVE my purposes! And black men need to remember that!

    12. Chris Brown is the product of a single parent home and never really had a father in his life. It takes a man to transition a boy into manhood. However Chris Brown is far from the most dangerous man on the street that idea is laughable. I don’t know where Black America web finds these bash black men reporters because it is getting old. This site has quietly transitioned into a feminist wonderland. I dare anyone to keep track of the black male bashing articles and then look at all the positive press females get. Cant we do better it is 2013?

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