Rap Promoter, ‘Jimmy the Henchman’, Gets Life in Prison in NYC Drug Case

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Rosemond later devised a system that allayed his worries about using the overnight services by hiding the drugs in the music equipment cases and sending them to New York music studios, prosecutors said. The cases were then shipped back to Los Angeles packed with cash.

In 2011, agents seized a road case containing $790,000 packaged in vacuum-sealed plastic in $100,000 bundles, prosecutors said. The seizure prompted Rosemond to switch tactics, stashing drugs in hidden compartments in cars that were transported from coast to coast.

Lawyers for Rosemond claimed he was framed by members of his crew who pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against him. They included a Los Angeles dealer who admitted supplying more than 200 pounds to the ring over a two-year period.

Before the sentencing, the judge denied a motion to give Rosemond a new trial. His attorney had argued that the jury was tainted by unsubstantiated reports linking the defendant to an unsolved shooting that wounded legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.

Shakur survived the 1994 shooting, but was killed two years later in Las Vegas. The slaying remains unsolved.

Rosemond was behind such hits as Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop” and represented The Game and Sean Kingston, according his company’s website. Another former client was Michael K. Williams, who played the ruthless outlaw Omar on “The Wire” TV series and now stars in “Boardwalk Empire.”

Rosemond still faces separate charges in Manhattan accusing him of arranging a murder as payback for an assault on his son.

(Photo: AP)

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7 thoughts on “Rap Promoter, ‘Jimmy the Henchman’, Gets Life in Prison in NYC Drug Case

  1. I love a information anyone give on your articles. I most certainly will search for a person’s blog site plus check out once again in this article often. We’re slightly specific I am told loads of brand new products right here! Good luck for one more!

  2. I don’t know what happened in this; the man could be innocent; the police’s record with trying to lock up successful black men be they guilty or not is weeelllllll known and documented! Then after they’ve done 30 yrs in prison then it finally comes out they were innocent all along! Look at how they hounded Michael Jackson and how they finally railroaded OJ Simpson? I would not trust the judgement of the police officials unless I saw the unfolding of the case from beginning to the end or had some inside knowledge of the matter myself!

    • Yeah Daniel. And with a little more luck he could have been like Jay Z. Used his drug dealing business to fund his entertainment business, all the while evading the law, get to brag about his drug dealing success in a big glossy magazine, complete with glamor photo AND become pals with the POTUS! But with all that being said, The Henchman COULD be innocent. And Bouncy’s hair COULD be real.

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