Get A Job: 5 Of LinkedIn’s Biggest Success Stories

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  • The use of social media in today’s working environment is almost a necessity to stay on top of up to date trends, potential jobs and effective networking. LinkedIn, a social media engine utilized particularly for networking professionals, provides great benefits for its users and members. This hub is full of useful connections, which some have successfully used to gain employment. According to a articles, here are five success stories of those who have turned LinkedIn connections into job opportunities:

    Jacob Erlick

    Pricing Analyst/Southwest Airlines/Dallas, Texas

    Jacob had dreamed about working at Southwest Airlines for as long as he can remember. He applied and interviewed for internships and full-time jobs to no avail. But after each meeting, he connected with each Southwest employee and recruiter on LinkedIn. With a growing family to support, he eventually accepted a job at a B2B IT company. Then one day he noticed that Linkedin’s “People You May Know” module suggested he connect with a Southwest recruiter he was linked to through another connection. He sent the recruiter a connection request and she responded asking if he had time to chat about a job opening. On Aug. 27, 2012, Jacob joined Southwest.

    Rachel Abady

    Associate Video Programming Manager/AOL/New York, N.Y.

    Rachel used LinkedIn to get hired as an AOL associate video programming manager while she was a senior at Barnard College. The twist: She used her dad’s profile — not her own — because she thought LinkedIn was only for “50-year-olds.” Using her dad’s profile, she visited his alma mater’s (Colgate University) LinkedIn Group. There she noticed a posting by a recruiter who worked at AOL and was looking for a business development intern. She InMailed the recruiter, who found her to be quite resourceful, and the rest is history.

    Paul Nuyens

    Business Development Manager/TST-Software/Ontario, Canada

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