Dr. Day Week: Dr. Rani Whitfield Answers Your Health Questions

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I’m retired/disabled military and have Sarcodosis, My question is, I have no history of this in my family and I have boys in my family and I was wondering if this was hereditary. And if so if its preventable?
Sarcodosis can run in families; there is no cure; it is more common in African-Americans especially those living in the South/Southeast; it is not preventable and it is possible that it may be transmitted to your children but more research is needed in this area.

What can I do to lose weight?

Push back from the table, start exercising, avoid processed foods, white bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and highly concentrated sweets. Consistency with diet and exercise is key; genetic factors can play a role however but this is rare; obesity has many causes so the key is prevention; there are weight loss drugs available but see your doctor for help in this area

My dad is 59-years-old, he has congestive heart failure.  How can I convince him to get a pace maker at the doctor’s orders?
Stress to him how important he is to you/your family and that this could be lifesaving.

Can diabetes be reversed at 97?

It can’t be reversed but it can be very well controlled with a good diet and taking meds as prescribed; if still exercising at 97 that is awesome so keep that up as well.

I have extreme high blood pressure. It runs 184/136. I just recently went to have my meds changed. Is there any natural pills  or herbs I can take?
Co-Enzyme Q, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Amion acids may have some benefit; also by adding calcium and magnesium to the diet but with numbers that high, you need to be under the care of a physician.

What is it when you’re fatigued, urinate often and have night sweats?
This could be one of several things: diabetes, infection included; see your doctor right away.

Does the prostate mess with a man’s sex drive? Can it keep it from getting a full hard on? If not that, tell me what’s wrong. I don’t get piss hard in the morning, sorry for saying it this way.
All good my brother; yes an enlarged prostate can cause erectile dysfunction; it can be infected or just enlarged or both; see your doctor today.

Can you ask the Doctor what part does alcoholism plays with black men?
We have a pattern of it in my family  If you have alcoholism in your family then your risk is increased; alcohol has no health benefits whatsoever and should be avoided

Are there any cures for Bell’s Palsy and what is the best treatment for someone who had it over 1 year?
No there are no cures for Bell’s Palsy; most cases resolve but some persist; the current treatment options are based solely on our current knowledge of this disease viruses or inflammation may be the cause so it is often treated with steroids and antiviral medications.

How can one treat and cure ALS?

Although no treatments/cures are available for ALS, there are new drugs available that may decrease symptoms and improve overall lifestyle. Please see your doctor for more info

I just moved to a new city. What kind of reviews should I look for when choosing new doctors/dentists/etc.?
Reviews are good but the best way to find a doc is by word of mouth from friends and family.

What does it mean when you have bile movement and your stomach and lower back hurt?
Bowel movements that cause stomach/lower back pain could indicate constipation or a herniated disc/back trouble; see you doctor asap.

How can a man regain libido?
It depends on the cause; see your doctor and have testosterone/thyroid/other labs checked; a review of medications is in order as well as screening for anxiety and depression.

What do we do about urinary leakage?  I’m a 53-year-old  woman.
Urinary incontinence can be caused by several problems; see you primary care doctors to rule out infection; he will then refer you to a urologist or gynecologist depending on his evaluation.

I get little bumps on my arms that are itchy and hot.   Could it be an allergic reaction?
It very well could be especially if they resolve quickly; take pictures with your cell phone and bring them to the doctor so he can evaluate them.

Can you talk about PCOS?  I just found out I had it and I’m trying to lose weight and get pregnant.
PCOS means polycystic ovarian syndrome; it occurs in women of child-bearing age; its associated with irregular cycles, abnormal hair growth, acne obesity, and diabetes;it is treatable and controllable but the physician has to make an accurate diagnosis so that you can be treated properly.

I need advice on what to do if I have several symptoms. My thyroid is not functioning properly but my doctor says my blood work is normal.

Just because your labs are normal does not mean that the thyroid is not malfunctioning; if I have a high index of suspicion that the thyroid is the underlying cause there are other test that can be ordered and/or you can see an endocrinologist who specialize in thyroid disorders Is it that milk can cause constipation ..and really works to relieve that problem  Milk usually relieves constipation in patients that are lactose intolerant; lactose intolerant patients lack an enzyme that can help digest milk; if you are lactose intolerant and drink milk diarrhea and feeling gassy are common symptoms

I have a lot of pain in my lower right side of my back. I have been to the doctor for back pain but no issues were found but the pain increases everyday. What do I do?

I would see a orthopedist as well as have some labs drawn to rule out disorders of the kidneys; if these come back normal imaging may be needed- MRI and/or CAT Scan.

i have an 8-year-old son who has suffered from migraines since he was 4. When he has a migraine he vomits, he is dizzy to the point that he cannot stand and he cannot stay awake. He lost about 15 pounds when he began having migraines because he had them 4-5 times weekly. He is completely unable to do anything for the rest of the day after he gets sick. He has missed a lot of school because of the migraines. His pcp sent him for a MRI, CT scan and gi x-ray ; all which were normal. He goes to the children’s hospital but they don’t recommend additional testing. They had prescribed medication which does not help. Any suggestions?

I had a similar case. My patient was seen by a pediatric neurologist and the correct medicines were prescribed for what was diagnosed as occipital migraines; please see a neurologist soon; this child should not suffer any longer.

My 28-year-old husband is passing blood with his bowel. What’s wrong?
Hopefully, it’s  just hemorrhoids but I have diagnosed colon cancer as young as 28 years old; he needs to see a doctor asap; his life is too important and it’s obvious that you care; tell him so and make the apt for him!

What is a natural sexual enhancer for men. My man is diabetic and has trouble staying erect 

This is unfortunately common in diabetics and can be difficult to treat; medicines, blood flow to the penis, and nerve damage are major causes; he could also have low testosterone; a consult with a urologist recommended by his primary care doctor.

My right ear feels like something is crawling inside of it.  I notice it mainly at night. I’ve tried putting peroxide in it but it hasn’t helped, can you tell me whats going on?
Hmmm…  We need to take a look; if you can afford it head to an urgent care asap

I have been on my cycle for 10 days & originally I’m 6-7 days. I gave myself a pregnancy test but it was negative.  it’s dark, old blood & occasional cramping. What could it be?

Most women will have one or 2 abnormal menstrual cycles each year; I would wait this one out; if no better by day 14 call your md.  the usual cause is estrogen imbalance.

Doctor, PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I have extremely bad breath!!!! I have tried several different things which didn’t help. I have also gone to the dentist! It affects every area of my life! I hate it. I have even thought about suicide.

First of all, you have done the right things; please hang in there as suicide is not the answer; this could be periodontal disease and you need to see a specialist asap! You could also have problems with salivary glands; if you are not making enough saliva this can be an issue; see the specialist asap, stay hydrated, brush your tongue, but please do not consider suicide; see your pcp asap about your thoughts of suicide!!!!

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