Morgan Freeman Turned Off By ’12 Years a Slave’

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  • Morgan Freeman knows the film industry like the back of his 76-year-old hand.

    The acting sage has churned out a good handful of blockbuster films in 2013 thus far, and his upcoming film, “Last Vegas,” a comedy, starring an ensemble cast of male Hollywood royalty, will be yet another feather in his cap of cinema excellence and longevity.

    We would happily mention the many other films Freeman’s played in, but there isn’t enough room on this page for a list that spans forever.

    His career on the big screen notwithstanding, Freeman has never been gun shy when discussing topics related to American history, politics and pop culture, nor does he mind napping during interviews.

    The silver fox with the unforgettable voice is also an unofficial movie critic (can’t say he isn’t qualified). The Daily Beast writer Marlow Stern spoke with the freewheeling Freeman about a wide variety of topics ranging from Tea Party madness to, well, “twerking,” and why he won’t see breakout director Steve McQueen’s compelling film, “12 Years a Slave”:

    The Daily Beast: If you’re at a party, is there one special move that you’ll bust out?

    Freeman: The Lindy Hop, man. I can do the Lindy.

    Speaking of dances, there was this great video clip of you that went viral where you were reading the news on HLN and described “twerking.” What do you think of it?

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    9 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman Turned Off By ’12 Years a Slave’

    1. I don’t want to see this movie. Like most of you I’m sick of slavery movies. I’m also tired of movies with Negros in interracial relationships. I’m really really tired of that!

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    3. I, too, can definitely understand where Morgan Freeman is coming from with not wanting to see the movie. I saw the preview for this movie when I went to see The Butler and it conjured up the anger I felt watching Roots while in high school back in the 70’s. If I recall, Roots aired for several nights (can’t remember how many – too long ago), and every day when my friends and I went to school after watching Roots the night before, we were so angry, we wanted to get physical revenge (but we didn’t). I almost walked out of the showing of The Butler watching the beginning scenes. I’m glad I stayed put, however, because it was a very good movie.

    4. The writer of this article completely misquoted and misinterpreted Morgan Freemna’s comments. Whoever he/she is they need an English lesson. Morgan didnt dislike the movie. He just doesnt want to see it becuase it will gen up his anger. I , at times; feel the same way. I am already mad enough at what has been done to our peopple and I dont need another movie to remind me of it. It just makes me more angrier than I already am. I undestand Morgan on this. But it may be a terrific movie. I do think they should make the Tea Party go see it, though!

    5. I was planning to see it but like most people are saying, there’s only so much you can take before the anger of it all takes over. I didn’t see Django so I think I may be ok to see 12 Years a Slave. As for Mr. Freeman’s comments about the Republican party, I’ve been wondering if he still associates with his old buddy Clint Eastwood. After his sorry performance at the Republican Convention in 2012, seems to me he is part of the problem too.

    6. That’s what I told a friend……I don’t want to see it. Maybe when it comes out on dvd: but I won’t go to a theater. My thing is that I’ve already seen Django this year….and I don’t need to see another slave movie for a while.

    7. I totally agree with Morgan Freeman on this one. I for one don’t find movies about slavery entertaining. Hollywood should find some other stories to tell about black folks.

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