Applying For Multiple Positions At One Company: Smart Or Set Up For Failure?

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  • Looking for a job is a job in and of itself. I do not know many people who actually enjoy the process of applying for multiple positions, only to be turned down or not receive a response altogether. Couple this angst with the state of the economy the past couple of years and you have many people applying for as many jobs as possible.

    Sometimes out of frustration, but most times out of desperation, numerous job candidates have applied for more than one or two positions with the same company. Is this strategy of going for everything you can smart or a set up for failure? Here are the top three pros and cons of applying for numerous positions within the same company.


    1) You in fact may be qualified for each position that is posted so why not go for it? Just because you are qualified for one position should not negate the possibilities of being an asset for another position. You may increase your odds of being called back by applying for more than one position.

    2) Applying for more than one position may positively display your persistence. If you applied for one position and did not receive an interview, applying for another one which you qualify for within the same company has been noted by some HR executives as sign of persistence and desire on the part of the candidate.

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