Utah Hires Its First Black Anchorwoman

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“I’m so amazed, for someone that young, how advanced her skills are,” he said. “She stands out because she seems so engaged, especially coming to a whole new world.”

Crow admitted that she had a few worries before moving to the predominately White state — for example, finding a new hair dresser!

“I asked George, ‘Is there somewhere I can get my hair done? Am I going to be able to go to the grocery store and see somebody that looks like me? What is going to happen if I come there?’ ” she said. “But coming here has really opened up my eyes. There is diversity here. And there are growing populations that people outside of Utah don’t realize are here.”

Severson responded, “We want to represent everybody. And there are black people living in Utah,” In fact, according to reports, the African-American population in the state grew by 5.2 percent last year.

Check out Nadia Crow’s 4 p.m. newscast on KTVX and her 9 p.m. slot on sister station KUCW.


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