Grambling Player: No Regrets About Boycott

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Smith said he had no comment when asked if there had been any pushback from university officials because of the boycott. No athletic administration officials were present at the players’ press conference.

It’s been a tough season for Grambling (0-8), which is on its third coach this season and has lost 18 straight football games to NCAA opponents. Williams was fired after just two games this season and replaced by George Ragsdale, who was reassigned within the athletic department on Thursday and replaced by Dennis “Dirt” Winston.

The players have been not participated in practices or games since Tuesday, when they walked out of contentious meeting with school administration.

Emmett Gill, the national director for the Student Athlete Human Rights Project, said he was on campus to help ensure that players do not face retaliation from school administration for their protest.

Grambling’s administration has confirmed one of the players’ concerns was about travel. The team recently took buses to games in Kansas City and Indianapolis.

University spokesman Will Sutton said Grambling has endured a 57 percent cut in state funding over several years that has affected the entire campus.

The athletic department was asked to cut $335,000 this year from its overall department budget of $6.8 million. Sutton said football was cut by $75,000 to about $2 million.

ESPN reported Saturday that it had obtained a letter detailing player complaints, which included mold in the locker room and improperly cleaned uniforms contributing to an increased likelihood of staph infections.

Sutton said that local health department inspectors, acting on an anonymous tip, recently visited Grambling athletic facilities and recommended changes to improve conditions, but did not deem those facilities a health hazard.

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3 thoughts on “Grambling Player: No Regrets About Boycott

  1. Although, I understand the plight of the student-athletes but I think GSU would have done better at this boycott by boycotting their own Homecoming instead of ruining JSU Homecoming. I am not happy about Grambling State University forfeiting the game to Jackson State University. It was our (JSU) Homecoming this past weekend and GSU should have honored their obligations to the contract that they had with JSU. JSU took a big hit financially because of GSU qualms with their administration. JSU Homecoming always attract over fifty-thousand alumni and fans and it is a shame that JSU got caught up in GSU storm. As Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) we are going to have to learn how to handle our business more professionally and more diplomatic. As Alumni’s we need to always give back to our schools because we know that our HBCU’s are not funded properly and fairly.

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