Does A Woman’s Success Negatively Affect A Man’s Self-Esteem?

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In another experiment including 284 men, they were asked to think about a time when their partner had succeeded or failed, whether it was socially or related to intellectual matters. When comparing the results, the researchers noted that “it didn’t matter if the achievements or failures were social, intellectual or related to participants’ own successes or failures–men subconsciously still felt worse about themselves when their partner succeeded that when she failed. However, men’s implicit self-esteem took a bigger hit when they thought about a time when their partner succeeded at something while they had failed.”

As I tend to shy away from generalizations, I can’t 100 percent agree with this study. Of course it does not purport to insinuate all men feel worse when their partners succeed as opposed to failing, however, the sentiment of the article, in my opinion, may put fear into the hearts of those successful women who may feel they have to make a choice between a healthy/thriving career or a highly esteemed partner.

What do you think–are men intimidated by women’s success? Sound off in the comments below!


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