Adrian Peterson Attended Son’s Funeral on Wednesday

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  • EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — Adrian Peterson rejoined the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday after missing practice to attend the funeral for his 2-year-old son, describing the situation as “devastating.”

    Peterson was in Sioux Falls, S.D., on Wednesday for the private service for the boy, who died last week in an alleged case of child abuse. Peterson said he didn’t know the child was his until about two months ago and had been working with the boy’s mother to support the family financially and meet the boy, whose name was Tyrese Robert Ruffin.

    “I was planning on seeing him. I had a talk with his mom and we got some things together as far as financially helping her,” Peterson said Thursday before practice, discussing details about his son for the first time. “Unfortunately, this situation took place. It’s devastating.”

    Peterson saw Tyrese for the first time when he visited the boy in the hospital last Thursday; he died the next day.

    “It was a difficult day, just taking in the circumstance and the whole situation,” Peterson said of the funeral. “A child was buried. That’s difficult for anyone.”

    A man the mother was dating, 27-year-old Joseph Patterson, is being held on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated battery. Tyrese died of severe head injuries after Patterson was arrested, and prosecutors plan to convene a grand jury to consider more serious charges.

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    5 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson Attended Son’s Funeral on Wednesday

    1. What’s with these guys fathering so many children? Then the baby momma who hasn’t made 5000.00 in three tax seasons all of a sudden needs that and more a month to live off of.. Give me a break..

    2. Everybody involved in little Tyrese’s life is responsible for the way he lived and the way he died. The baby mamma, the monster and the sperm donor. The sperm donor going around humping anything with a hole and multiplying like rabbits. The baby mamma humping so hard she had to play musical beds in an effort to determine who Tyrese’s father is. The monster killed an innocent baby because my guess is he wanted the baby mamma, but not the baby. EVERY ONE OF THEM IS TO BLAME. The only innocent here is Tyrese. I wonder if the sperm donor or the baby mamma learned anything from this tragedy. As I said in another post, RIP Little Man.

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    4. This issue sorrounding Adrian Peterson has drawn more response than I have ever seen on one of Black Americas posts. I have seen countless points of view from so many especially at throwing Adrian Peterson under ths bus. Perhaps you think you are right, and thats cool. Yet no one has spoken of the horrible decision this unfortunate child’sother made in choosing a mate. It is painfully obvious that both of them need Christ. Adiran Peterson despite being a millionaire is trying to fill a void in his life thru sex. I can tell you that this void will never be filled that way. This is only a void that salvation can fill. Yes, you can villify him all you want if you think that hate will do the trick. But truth be told, countless men are in the same boat ( and we know that dont we. However, any woman who would take up with that kind of monster has a host of self doubt and insecurity issues as well. And there are many women who fit that description too. All of the hey, girlfriend; its not your fault, yada, yada, speeches in the world is not going to clear her conscience from this madness. No, she needs Christ too! Out of all these posts none speak of needing a spiritual healing. No, it has all been about hate and taing sides. The enemy just loves this. What, is your hate too strong to consider an alternative way of thinking about this? Are we too entrenched in our political correctness to see this in another light. Would we rather dig in in Ted Cruz’ style and say its my way only that counts. Jesus Christ is what is missing in Adrians life as well as this young woman, And is also missing in so many other relationships by the way. All of his millions wont solve it, and all of her tears wont either. I hope someone tells them to get on their knees and seek inner peace from the only one who can give it to them. There is only one perosn who really knows what happened and who is right.GOD. The rest of us only think we know.

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