Purported White Supremacists Arrested in Arizona

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Cheyne Kehoe was sentenced in 1998 to more than 24 years in prison for his role in a shootout with Ohio police during a traffic stop about 40 miles northeast of Cincinnati. His sentence later was reduced to 11 years. No officers were injured in the gun battle, but a passer-by was wounded by a bullet fragment.

The family patriarch, Kirby Kehoe, was sentenced in 1999 to nearly four years in prison for racketeering and possession of illegal weapons in a case related to the plot aimed at overthrowing the government. The elder Kehoe, however, has maintained he was never involved in his sons’ efforts to establish a whites-only nation and that he isn’t a racist.

Mangan said due to the violent nature of the family’s past, authorities planned the Monday raid carefully, first setting up surveillance on the property before moving in with search warrants, heavily armed tactical teams and armored vehicles.

He said the raid was conducted in cooperation with law enforcement from around the country and was planned to avoid the potential for a violent confrontation.

“The reason and rationale for having executed the warrant on the property in that manner was driven by public safety, just based on the past history of this individual and the sons,” Mangan said Tuesday. “When a traffic stop was being conducted in Ohio, it turned into a nationwide manhunt, and we obviously didn’t want to revisit that issue.”

Kirby Kehoe is due back in court Thursday for a preliminary and detention hearing. Cheyne Kehoe’s next court appearance is set for Oct. 22.

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