Jackie Chan, much like all of us, couldn’t help but think ‘Why on earth is this guy still talking?’ when he met Chris Tucker.

If Chris weren’t so dang funny we probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate him. But he is and has helped Jackie Chan to make the Rush Hour series the worldwide smash that it has become.

Recently it was announced that there was going to be a Rush Hour 4 after a multi-year hiatus. What we didn’t know is that, at first, Jackie Chan genuinely didn’t like Chris Tucker. But out of that something amazing happened that appears to be growing even now, several years after their last movie together.

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2 thoughts on “‘Rush Hour 4′ Announced Even Though Jackie Chan Hated Chris Tucker [VIDEO]

  1. LaShawnda S. on said:

    Love both Chris and Jackie in all of the Rush Hour movies!! Glad they are joining forces again. I wouldn’t want to see if if either of them were to leave the franchise🙂

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