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Is Lamar Odom Reconciling With His Father?

lamar odom

The news cycle about Lamar Odom gets more flip-floppy by the day. First he’s a crack head (because they must’ve done away with drug tests in the NBA?), now all the sudden he’s clean. Then he allegedly cut off his father, Joe Odom, for blaming the Kardashians for the alleged crack addiction and today reports say the father-son duo is cool again that they’re having sleepovers.  Which is it?

Lamar and his dad were spotted hanging out in Venice last week and “sources” say that they’ve been “hanging at the beach, eating out together, etc. — and things are going well. Lamar has even been spending nights at his dad’s place.”  Although apparently Lamar hasn’t continued to paying his dad’s rent and if he doesn’t cut a check by the 23rd, Papa Joe could be on the streets.

Tune in tomorrow…Are we the only ones who have a feeling that Lamar’s “drama” is going to keep playing out until the Kardashian’s shows see a ratings boost?


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