Trayvon Martin Day Canceled At Pittsburgh High School After Parents Complain

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  • Carrick High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania planned to have a Trayvon Martin Day during homecoming week but canceled after parents voiced concern, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

    “I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react,” said parent Jennifer Kagle.

    Student Bryan Bergener said, “A lot of people were complaining, like, the school advisers to change it.”

    It brought up some controversy to the point where there were people giving mixed signals about it,” said Homecoming Committee member Javon Jordan.

    After getting numerous complaints, the school now says the theme has been cancelled.

    Not all parents complained, though.

    “If they want to wear the hoodies to represent him and the kind of person he was, they should do it,” said parent Bruce Bergener.

    Trayvon Martin Day was supposed to be Wednesday, October 8, but the day has now been designated Bucco Hat Day to bring “everyone together.”

    In addition to the parents who spoke out against the event, racist trolls have flocked to social media to spew their typical venom:

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    6 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Day Canceled At Pittsburgh High School After Parents Complain

    1. Why is this story running with a picture of Trayvon as a 10 year old kid? That’s a lie just like the whole Trayvon Martin Movement is a race hustle scam. Depict him as the tatted up, gold grilled, pot smoking, lean drinkin, 17 year old cracka punchin’ thug that he was. It’s as offensive, ridiculous and disgusting to give this kid a “Trayvon Martin Day” as it would be to give Zimmerman one.

    2. Black America should be embarrassed and ashamed that this kid is put forth as its “martyr” and idolized. What does “Trayvon Martin Day” symbolize? Race hustlas? Syzzrup drinkin’ and pot smokin’? Cracka attackin’? Bad conduct? It’s like a bad joke. It’s indicative of moral and ethical failure mode and decay.

    3. Why isn’t there a Channon Christian and Chris Newsom Day at school? Why did the self defense shooting of Trayvon Martin get daily reporting and shrieking by the Democrat propaganda machine and death threats against Zimmerman, protests, etc., and the torture murder of Christian and Newsom by a gang of blacks was ignored? They would have prayed for a merciful death. Shame, shame.

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