White Army Veteran Stabbed & Killed By Black Man In Suspected Hate Crime

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Geike originally joined the Army in 2010. He was stationed at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, where he received training as an aviation operations specialist.

He’d been celebrating his imminent discharge at the Biltmore Motel earlier that night, friends said.

“I don’t understand how someone can do this — that man, he almost gave his life for people to enjoy the freedoms they have and he was just stabbed for no (expletive) reason,” said friend Glenn Zimmerman to KOMO News.

Officials are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“We are exploring the possibility that this could be a hate crime or racially motivated,” said Lakewood Police Lieutenant Chris Lawler.  ”We won’t know exactly what the motive is until we interview the suspects.”

The five suspects are all Black men in their 20s. The main suspect who stabbed Geike is believed to be in his early 20s and around 6’1″ with a medium build. Lawler is confident he will be found.

“He’s going to get caught,” he said. ”Nobody’s going to give up until we catch up.”


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5 thoughts on “White Army Veteran Stabbed & Killed By Black Man In Suspected Hate Crime

  1. Such a brave black gang. I guess it’s OK because it was a white guy. Maybe they thought he looked “racist”. Blacks murder over twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks. Yet where is Rev. Al? Where is Jessie? Black motogangs thug attacking an Asian man, wife, and 2 year old? Black convicts torture murdering a white couple? 5 black thugs jumping a white soldier? The Democrats want to ban guns? Garbage doesn’t attack armed men.

  2. “RACISM!” is a white thang. We get 24/7 bashing of whites by the leftwing propaganda news media when a “white Hispanic” is found to have shot a 17 year old in self defense, but what about this? What does Black America say about this? Why is Trayvon more of a “racist” case than this? This poor white couple would have begged to be shot.

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