Preachers Of L.A. (Episode 1) [VIDEO]

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    The Oxygen Network has unveiled the first episode of “Preachers of L.A.,”  and it has been said to appear to be full of sanctified rachetness.

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    As previously reported by NewsOne, the series, set to premiere in the fall of 2013, the “docu-series” stars Bishop Noel JonesDeitrick Haddon,Bishop Clarence McClendonPastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson and Pastor Jay Haizlip as they navigate roads of riches, redemption and ridiculousness.

    “This show documents a journey of transparency from one man to the next as they endeavor to lead others to their own truth and self-discovery,” said executive producer Holly Carter who holds a doctorate of divinity with an emphasis on marketplace ministry and is the daughter of a pastor and an industry veteran in faith and inspirational development and programming. “It’s a dose of reality and a pound of redemption coming from a creative team reared in the church.”

    Watch the full first episode of “Preachers of L.A” below:

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    Read about the reality-star preachers below:

    Bishop Noel Jones (@BishopNoelJones)

    A Jamaican born into poverty, Bishop Noel Jones has made his way to the other extreme, now living on a hilltop with a view of the Pacific Ocean, Malibu at his feet, and across the street from the former home of the late L.A. Lakers owner, Jerry Buss. The pastor of a church full of celebrities, and the brother of Grace Jones, Bishop Jones is headed towards retirement and looking for a successor who he can entrust his life’s work. But finding the right man is harder than it sounds.

    Deitrick Haddon (@DeitrickHaddon)

    The son of a bishop and an evangelist, Deitrick was preaching at the age of eleven and conducting the church choir at thirteen. At twenty-three he married the woman he was expected to marry – the lead soprano of the church choir. However, everything didn’t continue as perfectly as the church had hoped. Deitrick and his wife got a divorce and the members of the church shunned him. Aside from the call on his life, the one thing that helped him from hitting rock bottom was his music. A dynamic personality, singer, songwriter, and preacher, Deitrick finds himself at an impasse in life. Which road will he choose?

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    6 thoughts on “Preachers Of L.A. (Episode 1) [VIDEO]

    1. Personally as a pastor and preacher as far as preachers of LA, i can agree to disagree with how much they expose of themselves because so many people unchurched and church call us Hippocrates, but at same token alot of preachers need to be reachable by the people. Through this show all i can do is pray that if enough ppl see it they will embrace it. But kno this and i govern my life spiritually denoting” greatness will never be understood by an environment that doesnt embrace it…what is it that greatness ask for us to understand, that as a people is so hard to embrace? Its not truth bc we all know it, its where we live which is the environment also known as Kingdom. The ppl live move and breath church with there eyes closed, but can’t operate in kingdom bc they dnt know truth in kingdom just in church…so as mentors to young preachers i hope desire and pray kingdom is revealed not church. Success is not defined by american dream of materials suceess is knowing GOD,SOWING SEeds that benefit others and reaching your maximum potential.thats kingdom Overseer c.neal impact christian center.

      • Also, there are a few that it is obvious that their ministry is first and foremost, and that they would give up all the image, bling etc. if need be, but would it be for the cause of Christ? Or the laking image of Christ, Gods people, and Church folks that has been developed over the years that needs to be torn down and burned…

    2. Preachers Love how Detrick did a great job at the end saying what some ppl r scared to say for fear of going against the church!!! Why are we paying a “MAN” share the word that God gave to him for free. Pastor living lavish while preaching for the poor to give their money to him “building funds” to expand church yet members need help “no help” organizations needs things “no $$” yet take up a love offering for the word bought forth etc.. Detrick keep giving it to them about the real world

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