Marvin Gaye III: ‘[Robin Thicke] is Not the Cause of my Kidney Problem’

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Gaye who suffers with Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension said he was sharing his condition publicly to inform people about the challenges blacks and Hispanics face in finding healthy organ donors, he explained, “the medical community doesn’t like to transplant from a relative because chances are very high that, that relative will.. need that kidney”; which has left Gaye searching for a donor outside of his family.

The TJMS crew could not get much out of Gaye about Robin Thicke, but when Joyner asked about former “X-Factor” contestants Roxxy Montana being his father’s granddaughters, he quickly shut down the rumor, saying, “No, absolutely not.”

Adding, “That [the rumor] didn’t even come from them”, alluding that somebody in the ‘X-Factor’ organization put it out as a publicity stunt.

What do you think about the Gaye family drama? Does Robin Thicke owe them anything over “Blurred Lines”?

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