Reggie Jackson Denies Disparaging Quote About Munson

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — Reggie Jackson insists in his new autobiography that he never disparaged Thurman Munson in an attention-grabbing Sport magazine report 36 years ago, a claim the author immediately denied.

    Jackson also criticizes Billy Martin, praises George Steinbrenner and portrays racial discrimination he faced throughout his career.

    Robert Ward’s story in the June 1977 issue quoted Jackson as saying, “Munson thinks he can be the straw that stirs the drink, but he can only stir it bad.”

    “It never happened. At least not like he said it did,” Jackson wrote in “Reggie Jackson: Becoming Mr. October,” scheduled for publication Tuesday by Doubleday. The Associated Press purchased an early copy.

    “The whole time he was trying to feed me that quote, but I know I never said it,” Jackson said in the book, written with Kevin Baker. “There’s no way I’d be that dumb to knock the captain of the team — and, by the way, the guy who told George Steinbrenner to go get me on the free agent-market.”

    Jackson has at times denied making that remark. In a telephone interview Friday, Ward stood by his report.

    “He’s been lying about it since it happened,” Ward said. “He’s just lied and lied. And now I think probably he’s gotten to the age where he actually believes the stuff he says here. … I made nothing up. Not one thing.”

    Ward also denied Jackson’s claim that he has refused to meet with him.

    Jackson also wrote an autobiography “Reggie” with Mike Lupica that was published in 1994. This book focuses mainly on the Yankees’ 1977 and 1978 seasons.

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    One thought on “Reggie Jackson Denies Disparaging Quote About Munson

    1. Reggie Jackson has been a faithful member of the Yankee staff for the past 20 years. Somebody is looking for a little attention and some $$ for stirring up some S—-T! And yes, as a Yankee Fan back in the 70′s he fdaced plenty of racism. especially from hiw own manager, Billy Martin who the only thing he liked better than baseball was Jack Daniels.

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