Jada Pinkett Smith Publishes HS Pics Of She and Tupac

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    Jada Pinkett Smith published several photos of she and the late Tupac Shakur on her Instagram page that reveal a softer side of the hardcore west coast rapper.

    The Daily Mail describes how the two became inseparable after meeting at the Baltimore School for the Arts back in the 1980s. Both shared a love for the arts, with Tupac studying acting, poetry, jazz, and surprisingly ballet. In the photo above, a youthful Tupac is shown looking very dapper in from of a school locker with Jada.

    jada tupac

    Here is more on Jada and Tupac’s relationship:

    The pair remained very close until the rapper’s murder 17 years ago at an intersection in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The California Love singer was shot in a drive-by shooting as he sat in a car alongside fellow hip hop icon Suge Knight on September 7, 1996.

    Shot a number of times, he was raced to a nearby hospital but died six days later at the age of just 25.

    While extremely close, the pair were not speaking at the time of Tupac’s murder as despite not been romantically involved, they had a very volatile relationship.

    In documentary Tupac: Resurrection the rapper said Jada was and will always be his friend.

    The star said: ‘Jada is my heart. She will be my friend for my whole life.’

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    3 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett Smith Publishes HS Pics Of She and Tupac

    1. Who cares about the grammatical errors! The CONTENT brought tears to my eyes! I love Tupac and Jada. I know they were not talking at the time of his death, and could imagine how painful it must have been and still be for Jada. It is a message that if you love someone you should not ALLOW estrangements between you and people you love. I have many…and pray I never feel what Jada feels/felt.

    2. Grammar, please: Jada Pinkett Smith Publishes HS Pics of (not She) but “Her” and Tupac. Prepositional phrase needs objective case. Just saying!!!

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